Toys "R" Us breaks BioShock street date?

Thanks to reader Richard for sending over the picture. He says that a user on the NeoGAF forums revealed this image. The lucky gamer reportedly purchased BioShock at a Toys "R" Us store in Houston, Texas a week before it officially goes on sale.

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MK_Red3989d ago

OMG, lucky them. I wish I could get it now. :( Cant wait.

eXplotion3989d ago

im gettin the better version of this game i cant wait!! :)

aka. pc

djt233989d ago

omg poeple at that local Toys "R" Us are really luck

luck ba

Zhuk3989d ago

lucky guy, and smart enough to buy 360 version of madden too

kewlkat0073989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Very smart to have picked up the 360 version of Madden and as well the soon to be AAA game Bioshock, now add halo 3 and mass effect in that picture and the return of that MS perfect storm is more fierce then before..hehe

Anyhow that's one lucky bastard, he gets to play something everyone have been salivating about the last 2 months. Hopefully he or she post no spoilers online somewhere. Maybe they will play madden only up to the real release

If anything this is an inside job..

Odion3989d ago

I am going to try this tommorow!

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The story is too old to be commented.