PS3 11k behind Xbox 360 in US Sales Charts from VGchartz

The week ending August 11, 2007 saw two significant events in the Americas. Starting August 8, the Xbox 360 price drop went into effect for all three Xbox 360 SKUs. Additionally, Sony's new $600 PS3 – with extra storage and Motorstorm – began to become widely available at retail. That said - Xbox 360 sales were above PS3 sales this week since the 60 gig PS3 dropped to $500. Wii, DS, PSP, and PS2 continue selling well this week too – largely in their usual ranges.

-Although Boogie bombed, it was enough to push EA past Activision this week. Both trailed Nintendo though in weekly software sales.
-Software notes: Guitar Hero II has returned to being the top selling Xbox 360 title. Wii Play has overtaken Twilight Princess as Wii's best selling title in the Americas.
-Motorstorm games sold with the new SKU are included in the software total. That means the new SKU sold fewer than 10,000 units this week. It is not likely to be widely available until next week.
-Pokemon Diamond/Pearl will hit 3.5 million units in the Americas next week.

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Xbox 360 Will4059d ago

Looks like the 360 price drop didn't help that much. PS3 is still selling strong. Wonder how next week will look. Also anyone know when NPD for July gets released?

MK_Red4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

2 to 3 days I think (or not) but for US sales, VGcharts are rather accurate. It is worldwide sales that they often report way off.

EDIT: Thanks for the exact date. Also, please don't kill my poor bubbles :)

Daewoodrow4059d ago

I'd say a 50% increase which allowed the 360 to surpass PS3 sales is quite helpful.

Fisher3394059d ago

Im still suprised ps3 is selling so well when none of the "summer" games have come out yet.

With those 3 big titles coming in the first weeks of sept, i would expect
10k+ (atleast) increase for ps3 sales those weeks.

I still can't wait to play warhawk, the beta was so much fun.

eXplotion4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

xbots this will not last long with titles like LAIR, HS, WARHAWK ps3 sales are only goin up...

please do not mention bioshock (as everyone is getting it for the pc, yeah the better version) or halo 2.5 (as everyone who plays halo already has an xbox) as system sellers...

lair got bad reviews from EGM for stupid reasons.. And HS proved is no God of War and if so is still is the biggest console seller of all 3

Zhuk4059d ago

LOL u think those games will make people buy PS3s, Warhawk is the only game I will be buying out of them, HS = Goddess of War and Lair is awful got bad reviews

nasim4059d ago

HS,LAIR and WARHAWK...all would be million sellers.

BTW ps3 still beats x360 on a worldwide basis

20k vs 2k in JAPAN
38k vs 18k in EU
41k vs 51k in US

ps3 total =99k (worldwide)
x360 total =71k (worldwide)

ps3 beats x360 by 28k units last week worldwide


Foliage4059d ago

Actually you are wrong Zhuk, in fact my early PS3 purchase is completely due to Heavenly Sword. A game with 10 GB+ of sound will without a doubt redefine the gaming experience. I was going to wait for the "console killers" Metal Gear, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Killzone, Socom, Little Big Planet, etc. to buy my PS3, but with the solid line up starting now well into 2008 already confirmed, why wait?

It isn't like there is a chance of the PS3 breaking.

Zhuk4059d ago

i'm sure you need those 10 gb of sound so you can enjoy playing Heavenly Sword in 11 different languages, that REALLY raises the quality of your experience. The game is not a system seller, no matter what you say it's fact the only people who will buy a PS3 for it are hardcore sony fandroids.

I'll finally take FF7 out of my PS3 when Warhawk or Rachet and Clank is released, now there's some REAL games

Gizmo_Logix4059d ago

Poor xbots! :( Buttt, butt, they have so many games! And yet, the PS3 gets stronger and stronger!

barom4059d ago

PS3 actually had their sales increased by 7%, very surprising tbh considering how expensive it is. X360 50% increase is probably quite alright but I bet it'll go a bit higher when they release Falcon chipset (65nm), I know thats what my brother is waiting for.

Anyway to all you PS3 haters. PS3 got a fairly strong lineup for their "second" year, especially when compared to X360's second year. What the hell did ya get at 2006? other than Gears of War? PS3 is gettin Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Lair, UT3 (gon kick azz btw), Haze and Uncharted:Drake's Fortune.

Spunkmeyer434059d ago

Is no one getting bored of this futile back and forth arguement! Its unbearable i just wish i could get you all in a room with a canister of cerin gas! Just learn to love your console and deal with it! Things were much more simple when the only real console was PS1, you boys could sit and play tomb raider then go and whack one off to buffy!!!! But know things are different, there is competition in the market, unless you all work for sony or microsoft please please stop!

Mars Attacker4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

A lot of people were waiting on the PS3 price to drop. No surprise the sales temporarily spiked so much higher.

Reliability is a much bigger sales issue for the 360 than price. A lot of people are waiting for the new chipset. The 360 price drop didn't mean nearly as much as the new 65 micron chipset will. The combination of the new, reliable, cool running hardware, superior Madden and Halo 3 will make the Christmas season a real blockbuster for the 360.

The console with the most users is the one that the best software will be developed for (not to mention the far, far, far superior software development platform and XBL luring in 3rd party developers). Right now there are three 360's for every PS3 worldwide. Except for a short period after the PS3 "price drop" the 360 has consistantly outsold the PS3, so the gap is only getting bigger.

This is worth repeating: "the gap is only getting bigger". If you were a software developer - rather than a fanboy - which console would you be more interested in investing your millions of dollars into?

It says a lot that even with a serious kick to the nuts like the RROD, the 360 still outsells the much-hyped PS3. Game library is what sells consoles.

Lets see; I can wait 'til July 2008(or later) to play GT5 on the PS3 or play Forza 2 right now on my 360...

Think I'll go play Dirt instead. Or maybe the Bioshock demo.

NewZealander4058d ago

Shifting many ps3s cos the ppl who buy those games are ppl who already own a ps3,as ps3 owners are the ones hypeing up these games, dont get me wrong im sure they are and will be good games but other than ps3 owners who really knows about these games? I dont think ppl will walk off the street and see these games on the shelves and buy a ps3, they are not console shifters, Sony needs to get games like Killzone 2 and little big planet out ASAP. Until then U will see Bioshock, Halo3, Masseffect sell 360s, cos every one knows about Halo3 its advertised everywhere, The hype 4 this game is big prolly A litte overboard, but The fact is cos of its hype ppl on the street know of this game even if the hav never played the first 2.And to the person who said ppl are going to play bioshock on the pc rather than the 360 I think u will find not many ppl can afford a pc that will powerful enough to play the game, id say more ppl will be playing it on the 360.

rubarb234058d ago

Man please, you psh!tty 3 owners are the ones who should brace themselves. all the titles you listed (lair, hs, warhawk) while i'll admit are good, wont equal the sales figure halo 3 will make alone on day 1. proven fact: halo => system seller. I know this, you know this, everyone knows this. the only reason you ask no to mention bioshock or halo 3 is because you dumn a$$ knows these 2 titles alone kill off the 3 that you mentioned and the best part is these 2 titles are being relesed within the next month or so. as the year ends, it will be hit after hit after hit. sh!t i can't wait til the holiday numbers are released so we can laugh at your ass.

TheXgamerLive4058d ago

The Xbox 360 is soooooo far ahead and it's still selling more everyday than the ps3, cept a couple weeks only.

Sorry, it's the truth, you best stop reading VCcharts, haven't you seen the article from 3 weeks ago and how off they were?

sticky doja4058d ago

360 had, in its 2nd year: Viva Pinata, Prey, GRAW, Tomb Raider Legend, Lord of the Rings BFME 2, Call of Duty 3, Prey, Dead Rising, Saints Row, Test Drive Unlimeted, Just Cause, Need for Speed Carbon, Oblivion, Fight Night Round 3, Table Tennis, Rainbow 6 Vegas, name a few.

JasonXE4058d ago

should be analysis. You're about correct on all your predicition as Michael Patcher...

eLiNeS4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Where's the pre-orders for any PS3 games? You PofS 3 fandroids need to get on the ball!!!


N4G it's not my fault, this site has made me anti Sony!!!

PS3n3604058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

I just did the math. If ps3 outsells xbox360 by 28k a week it will take 48 years for ps3 to close the gap with the 360. the math is based on a 7 million unit lead by the xbox currently. 7,000,000 divided by 28k = 2500 weeks, divided by 52(weeks) = 48 years. Even if the 360 was only 3.5 million ahead we are still looking at 24 years. The point of this is ps3 needs to do better.

nasim4058d ago

as anticipated the price drop of x360 worldwide wasnt enough to see it zip past ps3 in sales.

in EU ps3 outsold x360 despite the x360 price cut by 300k figures

Although i believe the original ps3 sales might be higher since this is coming from VGCHARTS

here you go

ps3 40 23,077 (-2%) 1,108,666
x360 88 2,779 (-10%) 430,724

29,855 1,233,862
25,217 3,309,265
52,484 (+50%) 6,694,892
41,499 (+7%) 1,818,498

ps3 total sales =95133

x360 total sales =80478

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Loudninja4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )


Edit:MK_Red you have alot of bubbles :0

tony4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

i wonder if bioshock will increase the 360 numbers on the upcoming weeks. gamers that don't own a 360 if they ever play the bioshock demo, they probably buy the 360. the game is that good.

kewlkat0074059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Here is what one guy posted after looking at the new videos:

"I'm a proud Wii owner but this game makes me want to go get an Xbox 360, if I can just get over my hate for Microsoft. Should I get it? My instinct says yeah."

Anyone thinks this game might push some consoles..initially after the Hard-core gamers jump in and the new falcon boxes arrive?

I wouldn't doubt it..

The 360 price-cut has not had a big effect but there are 3 SKU's out there, Plus, the whole waiting for the "falcon" chip issue or "waiting for the fixed consoles" put a damper on MS forcast.

Of course the PS3 outsold Xbox 360 for like a month while the 360 was beating the PS3 by a lot more, when it was outselling it. Not a measly 10k a week.(it was murder)

With the games coming out(bioshock, mass effect, halo..etc), Xmas around the corner, and falcon chips coming out, for people on the RROD fence, I think, the 360 has the potential to sell a lot this fall.

This should be interesting... also it will be a year for the PS3 soon, we'll see where it stacks up in DEC, hopefully no excuses..Ha

PlayStation3604059d ago

I agree with Kewl. I think it's a system seller. One of my buddies hasn't really cared much for the 360 (he has a PS3). But after he saw Bioshock, he was dead set on getting it. Even before buying the 360 lol. i mean of course he's getting the 360 now (elite I think he wanted). But he wanted the game more than the system. lol He said after Bio, he might as well get Gears.

nasim4059d ago

ps360 dont invent things by your own

in september lair,hs and warhawk would be released .

no ps3 owner would take bioshock over those 3

BTW bioshock is also on PC

so obviously all ps3 owners would be playing it on PC rather than buy a low powered 100% defective console

PlayStation3604059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Invent things by my own? First off bro, don't come at me like I'm some friggin' fanboy. Any one here whose read any of my comments know I love any and all systems. So chill bro. And second, I'm just saying that Bioshock does appear to be a system seller. Excellent reviews, amazing graphics... come on now. My friend thinks so, and if you read some comments here, even PS3-only enthusiasts think it looks awesome. Yeah, it also appears on PC. But I know I wouldn't spend $1,000+ to play a game I could have played on a $300 system. You can if you want, But why do that when at the same price you could get a 360, extra controller, Bioshock, Halo 3, and Mass effect? In case you think anyone does want to upgrade/buy a PC for Bio, than you proved me right. A system seller sells systems, 360 or PC. Period.

And Finally, sure, I don't think PS3 folks would choose Bio over Warhawk, Lair, and HS . But thats why I'm glad I don't have to make that choice. I'm getting all 4 (already pre-orderd and paid off H.S. and Warhawk). Advantage of having both consoles. You should look into that. My intent is not to disrespect you, I apologize if I did. But I did not like the way you said "ps360 dont invent things by your own".

Omegasyde4059d ago

is boogie for the Wii (P.O.S) will outsell Bioshock(master piece)...

However once Halo comes out 360 sales will at least double.

bym051d4058d ago

I have to think the people Bioshock would entice already own a 360 for Gears of War or Halo.

Aeroglyphics4058d ago

It's one of the few games that I as PS3 owner wish I could play. It really seems beautiful and polished. I'm not much of a FPS fan, but this one seems really interesting. Enjoy it guys.

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COCK4059d ago

who cares der both getting sh$ted by the wii der never going 2 stop the wii is going 2 consome uss all soon all off uss will workship the wii the wii is going 2 be our new god on the lighter note i had sex with my wii n it felt good i nuted all over my wii


Interesting how VGChartz was lame all the past week... Anyway, 11K only? So it's good for Sony, since is's only American's numbers... VGChartz, don't has Japanese and European for now.

Odion4059d ago

ya to bad NA makes up 50% of the market

JokesOnYou4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

yeah thanks Capt obvious thats why these are American sales #s and the ones posted every week from Japan are only Japanese sales, Euro doesnt do any weekly or monthly sales regularly that I've seen. The funny thing is either way you look at it its not favorable for sony since they dominated in the US last gen yet so far they are waaay behind still in 3rd place and still being outsold currently by both consoles and in Japan where micro is basicly a non factor Wii is still whipping sonys @ss but for those who make themselves feel better because its actually selling 2, or 3 to 1 over the 360 in Japan the bad news for sony kids is that for most of the past 8 months or so the 360 sales alone in the US STILL were more than the US+Japan ps3 sales= adding to the already larger install base for 360. dont believe me just go back and look at the sales #'s yourself. so disagree all you like sony kids but the numbers dont lie=



Know you count?

US make up to 50% of the entire market... But US is 35-40% of the PS3 market, 50% of the Wii market and about 70% of the X360 market... Do you see it? It's not good for 360, it opens an advantage of 11k, but only where it sells really good, where PS3 don't make that bad with about 60% of this numbers to come... ¬¬

Man, this kids never sleep? Don't you have math class tomorrow, Odion? I think you should go.

Odion4058d ago

ya cause the 10 to 20 k they make in Japan a week is really going to help in the long run

BISHOP-BRASIL4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

I don't know if this 10k will help in the long run or not, but I have told you, American numbers, with this low difference, don't determinate nothing to the PS3...

X360 is more dependant on America than the PS3. This is what you guys don't get.

EDIT: Oh, and I almost forget JokesOnYou. You sir, are an idiot. Want some regularity? What you think about this one: PS3 is outsoldinng X360 in "European Countries" alltogether, in Japan and, in fact, if you put America's numbers aside, PS3 would be outseling X360 worldwide.

And, for sure, PS3 is not doing only 3 to 1 on X360... Needing math lessons too?

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