Why Nintendo's Friend codes are so Awesome

The above image was shown to me by a member of a videogame forum I host, Project Wonderboy, showing just how efficient and useful Nintendo's Wii Friend codes actually are. As you know, Nintendo likes to protect the little kiddies who might be playing their games online and as you can see from this image of Mario Strikers Charged, the system really does work! As the poster of the image said:

Yes, I can see that the Big N successfully keeps perversion and online jack asses away from our children by the usage of those great Friend codes. Thank God we have them to prevent anything vulgar to ever reach our sensitive Nintendo playing eyes...

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unsunghero283938d ago

I caught that 'un on Strikers the other day. Truth be told, it has nothing to do with friend codes, but the fact that it's been up there and Nintendo seems powerless to remove it is troubling to say the least.

My bet is that soon we'll be seeing a patch that censors bad words in the Mii channel.

MK_Red3938d ago

Good read. For a second there, I thought they were actually going to defend the horrible thing. :)


Yes, friend codes sucks... What? Internet in a console and no vulgar words? Come on, you have to be kidding me... You know, "internet is for porn"...

djt233938d ago

it was really good read
to me nintendo need to put out a new ver of FC system with more freedom
or just drop it

Frances-the-Mute3938d ago

but still who uses parental control for internet use, which kids obey movie, game, TV ratings, kids learn vulgar language at school for Nintendo's sake, people want freedom thats why we live in America!

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