BioShock length revealed

Some minor spoilers ahead: It's been recently revealed that BioShock is around twenty hours long. Speaking at a BioShock screening at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, Take Two Interactive Europe PR Manager Adrian Lawton stated that "We've being doing a lot of review sessions recently with press guys. Most people are coming in around twenty hours," Lawton stated. He also revealed that there will be two alternate endings to the game.

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BIadestarX4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

How can a game with such graphics fit 20 hours of game play on a single DVD9? is it magic? And yet... Epic can't fit a few Maps?... mmm... I wonder... if Sony's is paying Epic to perform some drama.

eXplotion4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

stop crying and dont compare bioshock to the greatest FPS coming out this year...

UT3 will pwn halo 3 and bioshock.. its runnin better than gears on 360

FordGTGuy4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

Thats funny because Bioshock is a FPS and has been getting perfect and just under perfect scores.


Its already been said that Bioshock is unique in every area you go to but every game reuses textures for floors to walls and even tables, books, and etc. Also UT3 multiplayer maps will most likely reuse the textures it will use in its singleplayer so your arguement is void. Not to mention singleplayer levels are usually alot bigger and use alot more textures, coding, and AI which all take up space on the medium.

Ri0tSquad4021d ago

There using the same textures or same areas for the game probaly and plus in bioshock you have to remember its all single player no multiplayer. In UT3 theres a single player campaign and a multiplayer mode.

BIadestarX4021d ago

Exactly Ri0tSquad.... you see.. it's common knowledge.. that what make large games is CGI Movies and sound... not really game data... didnt know you read about how much Heavenly Sword 10GB only on sound FX? not much sound effect on multiplayer games.. and definelly no CGI... and most of the multiplayer maps are using the same characters and textures from the single player mode....
The facts is that what you say is pure assumption....

Gizmo_Logix4021d ago

Not another dumb DVD9 comment. Understand this. Blu-ray's benefits will become more clear as time goes on. It's not just dumbed down to game length. It also effects unique texture, audio (some compressed and some not).

JasonPC360PS3Wii4021d ago

Also Bioshock is useing Unreal tech and they seem to be using it better than Epic.

InMyOpinion4021d ago

What surprises me is that no two textures look alike. Incredible that it's 20 hours long, I would have guessed 12-15.

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Dr Pepper4021d ago

Two different endings = more than 20 hours (and much replay value) :)

COCK4021d ago

this game was very scary it made me piss my pants n gave me nightmares off me having sex with a pig

Daxx4021d ago

And I'm now putting you on my ignore list.

sjappie4021d ago

you and your fixation with animal sex.

Dr Pepper4021d ago

I just hope it's not like Condemned's "alternate" endings (for those who played the game, you'll know what I'm talking about). No disrespect to Condemned though, it was an awesome game and is one of my favorites.

ALIEN4021d ago

It sound cool. I wonder what ending will be the best?

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