IGN's Top 10 Worst Character Names

This week IGN is counting down the worst (or most awesome, depending on how you look at them) videogame character names. Some are innocent titles that sound obscene, some are great examples of lazy writing, and some just make you go, "...huh?"

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MK_Red3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Great find. It has Mortal Kombat! and Saibot is kool. The only real problem I have is Boogerman which is an awesome name IMO (Loved the game).

syko883872d ago

saibot has always been my favorite mk character, i think it was stupid how they combined him and smoke into one character in deception. and like riotsquad said it was a sweet name until it started getting used excessively by prepubescent kids on xbox live and counter-strike.

djt233873d ago

Jumpman was pretty bad
Wild Woody lol and seaman.......

Ri0tSquad3873d ago

Wasn't that bad use to be kinda kool until everyone started over dosing on the word noob.

Rooftrellen3873d ago

ToeJam didn't make the list?

It's every bit as bad as Boogerman, in more than a few ways.

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