Unreal Tournament 3 Info Explosion

An interview with Unreal Tournament 3 producer Jeff Morris at Gameplayer confirms some features and leaks some interesting bits of news. PC vs. X360 multiplayer still under consideration, 40-odd Maps and more. The article also includes about thirteen pics, some of which appear to be new.

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tony4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

in my opinion, this is a overrated shooter. the graphics look great, but too fast of a gameplay. run and shoot. i don't think it will be great like gears of war.

hikikimori4059d ago

Well that proves you suck at games. Fast paced FPS blows away any of this boring tactical crap like R6 or Gears.
Quake 3 arena is so old and plays better than any FPS game I have played yet.
UT3 will be great, plus mouse and keys for real aim, instead of retard mode. (controller)

JasonPC360PS3Wii4059d ago

Why don't you bring your smack talkin ass on over here on games like GRAW, Battlefield, Americas Army. Counter Strike, Rainbow or Shadowrun. Those games are not like UT, Quake, Halo those and take differant skill. I come from UT so dont even try it, UT=lobbing grenades down halways or spaming the ripper in hopes you get a headshot, DGMW the Shock rifle and sniper rifle take skill but those are the only two weapons.

You talk about skill, maybe this guy don't like to hop around like mario on crack trying to hit a small blip in the other end of the map with a stinger. Put up or shut up when talking gaming skill. my gamertag is Jason xg1 I own all the games mentioned above, come get some.

hikikimori4059d ago

Got a PC fool? You have Q3 on that? I'll play you 1v1 anytime, anywhere son.
Call it.
Hows that smack talk for you.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4058d ago

I have a PC "dumb sh!t" since half of what I mentioned is for PC.

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ALIEN4059d ago

i respect your opinion, but you can't deny that UT3 will be a great game. I can't wait to play against PC owners, and im looking forward to play against 360 owners too. It'll be cool.

ThisIsWaiting4059d ago

but I <3 it.

Reading that 360 Vs PC cross platform play is still being considered is awesome.

Every MP game should ship with 40 maps! lol

heavymetal3k4059d ago

He said console to pc play, there has been much more speculation that it would be ps3 to pc rather than 360 to pc, mainly because the game will not be running on MS gaming software on the pc. But who knows, maybe all three will play together, or none.

ThisIsWaiting4059d ago

The question was Xbox360 specific ... so, you would think that since that was the topic, the answer would be geared towards that ... maybe?

Gameplayer: Will PC and Xbox 360 owners be able to compete against each other? Why or why not?

Jeff Morris: We’re still on the fence about console/PC crossplay. While it’s great to not divide your player pool across platforms, we’re just not sure that it’s a feature people want. To be determined, though there’s no technical reason why it wouldn’t work.

Hatchetforce4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

The PS3 play is the console in question. I love interviewers that do not know a game's current development status. 360 isn't even being looked at in that regard yet. Rein was having a fit the other day over Microsoft's closed development system that makes even mod sharing with PCs a nightmare.

I alos noticed he ducked the physics card question. Epic is using the Aegia SDK and the PS3 hardware takes great advantage of the Aegia system of implementation.

Remember Mark Rein's comments:

"One thing AGEIA's done that's really smart is that--well, if you've seen our PS3 demo, and this is really version .1, really not a finished performance at all, but we've got some really great cool physics things going on PS3. They've done a really good job of optimizing their library to work well with the SPUs in the Cell processor, which means we're going to be able to get a lot of physics performance out of PlayStation 3. Also on Xbox 360 to some extent, but definitely on PS3 we're going to be able to get a lot of physics capabilities out of that. Which means that, to bring [games using those methods] to a PC, you're probably going to need the hardware. Or you could maybe scale it up even further on the PC, I believe, with their hardware. I think that bodes really well for them if developers go nuts and do really cool physics on PlayStation 3, then if people want to play it to that level on PC, they'll buy the card."

SlappingOysters4059d ago

Remember that in the case of email interviews, developments occur between the questions heading off and the answers arriving back. Face-2-face is always best, but not always feasible.

Rooted_Dust4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

PC to 360 Crossplatform play is less likely because Epic doesn't want to use Live Anywhere for it's PC version of UT3, which is a requirement for playing PC to 360. They may be willing to work within constraints when they are developing games for Xbox360, but when there are doing a PC game they aren't going to deal with MS's control freak attitude.

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Odion4059d ago

There goes the UT3 runs better on the PS3

Gameplayer: The game spans three formats, have you been confronted with any major design issues in the production of this game as a result?

Jeff Morris: Not especially other than it’s the equivalent of 3 separate games when it comes to the end phase. Things like QA are basically 3 times the work, but ultimately the game looks and plays virtually identically on all 3 platforms.

Hatchetforce4059d ago

True, but looks and plays does not equal content. Also as I noted above, if they opt not to do the cross platform with PS3 you may see the physics altered more.

Yosking4059d ago

Unreal will master next-gen ut3 on the ps3.
Rock on ps3!!!

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