Microsoft Greenlights HDD-Only Titles

Despite the early attempts to make games accessible to all versions of the Xbox 360, Microsoft has finally given its approval for developers to create titles that require the use of the hard drive.

This announcement, although targeting developers planning an MMO, opens the future possibility for developers to use the hard drive for caching. This was one of the problems cited by developers of GTA IV, who stated that their difficulties designing for the Xbox 360 stemmed from making the game work without the use of the hard drive.

This announcement also comes as a blow for purchasers of the Core model of the Xbox 360, the only version that comes without a hard drive.

Microsoft has also deigned not to place limits on the amount of Hard Drive space MMO developers can use, although Microsoft designer Ian Lewis offered this one caveat. "Feel free to require 30GB for your game - that's just going to make your potential audience a lot smaller."

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Bloodmask3990d ago

But this hard drive usage is for MMOs so of course you will need a hard drive. Only makes sense.

This is no different than the scenario of FF11 requiring a hard drive for PS2 when all other PS2 games didn't.

Take that into perspective before you go trolling.

Syko3990d ago

LOL, Unless you read it wrong. I thought it meant HD-DVD games! I was like this is BS, and if it's not the 360 is going through Mr. Gates Master bedroom window!

But then it was just a rehash of the MMO allowance of HDD.

Had me scared and pissed for about 4 seconds though...I need to slow down and read things better =)

barom3990d ago

If it's only for MMO's than it's probably cool (people with core system probably doesnt play MMO's). But they mentioned GTA IV in the article and didn't really say that it's only for MMO's just that they were targeting them. So I dunno

The Wood3990d ago

you should forget about last gens ps2 (approaching 10 years old) and compare this issue to last gens xbox 1 (stella with a tactical advantage by including hdd as standard). You should just see that the hdd'less core was a mistake. Add that to the high price of the hdd at the moment and it becomes a bigger mistake.

Lowering the hdd price could help this be a non issue

Lex Luthor3990d ago

No use, the floodgates has been opened. Here comes bill gates and nasim.

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Gran_Turismo3990d ago

Just cause this will be a flame fest.. the poor Core owners gotta hear the harsh news...

G_CodeMonkey3990d ago

But if they do, they can just buy a HD if they want to play GTA4 (I know they haven't said it yet, but I bet they jump on this to take advantage of an HD). gCM

bung tickler3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

good, core owners knew they were buying the cheap version when they got it this shouldnt come as a surprise to them, one day you will have to upgrade... deal with it. dont cipple my games cuz you are worried about some cheap people.

bym051d3990d ago

Didn't MS commit to games being playable on all units? Core unit buyers thought they were going to be able to play all games.

The Core system was a bad idea from the start.

G_CodeMonkey3990d ago

I have to disagree--it gets them into HD gaming, and they'll be able to play most games, but eventually they may have to spring for a hard drive. Perhaps little Johnnie can save his $$ from his paper route or bug the living crap out of mommy. Its not a terminal thing to have to finally get an HD to play a game (in fact, they could even save to the memory unit if need be--assuming speed isn't an issue). gCM

Adamalicious3990d ago

The Core was a bad move from the get go. I'll never get why Microsoft went from standard HDD on Xbox to optional HDD on the 360. Price point is the only logical argument, but they launched a year ahead - so I still don't get it.

It's lame that developers have had to develop games as though there isn't an HDD when the vast majority do have them. That's my main gripe with the Core's existence.

Microsoft absolutely did promise that you could play all games on the Core - without an HDD. Shane Kim said less than a week ago that they would "push back against" any developer who wanted to make an HDD mandatory and that "we decide what games get released". Maybe he missed the memo?

Schmitty073990d ago

Most core owners probably already bought their Drive

Ignorant Fanboy3990d ago

Thank you Mcrosoft!!!

Thank You!

Its about time.

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