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3D gaming: Five reasons it won’t work

To hear some people tell it, 3D gaming is the wave of the future. In just a few years, you’ll be bobbing and weaving in your living room as you play in an environment that’s more realistic than anything you’ve ever experienced.


Sure, 3D can be a cool feature in games, but is it something that will take over the industry? We don’t think so. And Yahoo has got five good reasons why the pundits are wrong. (PS3, Tech)

Psfan999  +   1916d ago
I've tried a good 3DTV out, it's a cool little extra but not for the amount of money you have too pay.
deadreckoning666  +   1915d ago
Well said. Of course I'd want a 3DTV..but not when my current HDTV is working perfectly fine. Also, I'm not too crazy about the glasses....AND the fact that there are BARELY any channels currently available in 3D, unless your into sports...which I'm not.

However, I would definetly buy a 3DS..especially if they recreate MGS1 and MGS2 like they are doing with Snake Eater =D

@jayistheway- Ur right, I haven't tried 3D gaming..but I know its not worth the money. Just because I've never bought 28 inch spinning gold rims for my car doesn't mean I can't rationalize that its not worth the money.

@PopEmUp- Well, I'm VERY into MMA. I consider it a sport, but many people I encounter don't consider it a sport..which is why I didn't mention it earlier. For the record...I think baseball is extremely boring. I DO enjoy playing football and basketball from time to time..but I don't like these sports enough to watch them on television or figure out which team is my favorite.
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PopEmUp  +   1915d ago
first time
I heard someone who not into sport lol man it sound so nerdy xd
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specialguest  +   1915d ago
"AND the fact that there are BARELY any channels currently available in 3D"
That sounds very familiar hmm... oh yeah! Back when HDTV was the latest tech, lots of people said the same thing. I'm not saying that's a false statement, just saying that I've heard that before.
Army_of_Darkness  +   1915d ago
I agreed with only one reason out of 5...
1. It’s too expensive!- I 100% agree.

2. Dorky glasses- Eh.. more hip looking these days, so Not a good reason to hate...

3. low framerate- Never seen a 3d game in action yet. so I'll have to wait & see for myself first. Besides, I don't think I've heard anyone mention anything about reduced framerate on 3d games?! Hmm..

4. No must have's- GT5! KZ3! Motorstorm:AP!! MK9! that got me sold!

5. shovelware- Have not seen any yet?!?! Is this guy just making this one up?!
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schlanz  +   1915d ago
Give it time, people
The tech will get cheaper.

It will become widely supported.

The glasses will either not be required or become less bulky and more fashionable.

This is a stupid list this guy threw together for hits.
sikbeta  +   1915d ago
I'll only give 3 Reasons of Why 3D will work and will be Awesome:

2·MotorStorm:Apocalypse 3D
3·Gran Turismo 5: The Definitive Racing Simulator in 3D
wsoutlaw87  +   1915d ago
all of the things listed are right now issues that will continue to improve. the price will drop, and there will be more/better supported games, movies, and tv shows in time. Its like this every time something new comes out. no surprize
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mrv321  +   1916d ago
Oh, didn't people say the same about motion? The 3DS is a 3D system right? Will it fail. I highly doubt it.

I admit 3D is still VERY young but if developers can get used to the technology now and perfect it then the next generation of 3D will be great.
Spaghett  +   1916d ago
I draw the line with 3D. When gaming all I want is the console, a tv of any make, a controller, and a game, none of this pointless bullshit like 3d and HD. If any of that junk made the game play better than I might consider it.
GamerGuy153  +   1915d ago
But 3D will make the game play better
i see being able to judge exactly when to take a corner in a racer as an advantage making the game pay better.
wsoutlaw87  +   1915d ago
hd is pointless?
you dont even want hd for your games. thats crazy
GamerGuy153  +   1912d ago
3D has some drawbacks like that but the only thing the PS3 doesnt support is 1080p 3D. most games dont support 1080p anyway so im not really at a loss
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Azazel  +   1915d ago
3D gaming- 5 reasons it wont work?
I can give you 5 reasons this article wont work...
1-opinion based
2-ps3 haters
3-not many have tried 3D gaming
4-its on N4G
5-micro$oft is scared it cant ''kinnect''
Anon1974  +   1915d ago
You, why is no one actually talking about this mess of an article.
It's ridiculous and should never have been approved. Did anyone even read this?
1. Too expensive - For who? Prices are comparable with regular TV's of the same size and quality. Theirs hardly a price difference at all.

2. Dorky glasses - That's your opinion. I have no concerns about the glasses. If I needed to wear a helmet for decent 3D gaming I'd consider it. As for the migraines and nausea, that's not because of the glasses - that's due to a condition like motion sickness because your brain is confused when it sees 3D and thinks it's really happening. That passes over time. Do some goddamn research.

3. Low framerates - Says you. Care to back that up?

4. No must haves - Again, says you. I personally think Killzone 3 is looking to be a must have game. Same with GT5. And Motorstorm - and that's just getting started.

5. Shovelware galore: Really? Where? 3D's out. Where's the shovelware?

This article is so poorly researched I almost reported it as an outright fake. What I did report it was as wrong type. This is simply a misinformed opinion piece. And to think, the mods were censoring articles about Kotaku posting fake GT5 videos when no one had reported them but they let this crap sale through.
LightofDarkness  +   1915d ago
Toshiba 46RV525U 46-Inch 1080p LCD TV $599.99

Samsung LN46C750 the cheapest 3DTV so far $1,450 at Amazon

From a little research, here are two fairly comparable HDTVs, although one is missing an obvious enough feature. Do you honestly think those prices are comparable? That's a 100%+ premium for what is essentially a "bells and whistles" feature, but it's only ONE of said features.

The nauseating feeling is presented in people with no history of motion sickness, I would recommend at least looking that up before belittling that rather glaring issue.

As for framerates, it's not so much that framerates will be low, but what sacrifices to graphical quality are being made so that a fringe market of gamers are getting all the best from a product while those without the financial fortitude get short-changed?

Killzone might be a must-have, but is it a must-have solely because of 3D? Does the 3D experience on it's own make the added cost of owning such a device worthwhile? By many accounts I've seen, it does not. They may not be big name sites, but they're people who are not paid to over-hype something because their corporate interests say so.

And yeah, there already is shovelware, dime-a-dozen 3D shit on PC. Only one game has been designed from the ground up in 3D so far on PC, and that's Metro 2033. Some say it helps to legitimize the case for 3D, others say not. It's still very much in the open.

Before saying the article is poorly researched, I'd suggest doing some your own.
DaTruth  +   1915d ago
Why don't you go back 2 years ago, when the majority of us bought our HDTVs and recheck your prices.

A Toshiba with half those features probably cost twice as much!

You guys said the exact same thing about HD.
JoelR  +   1915d ago

really? I could have swore that the Toshiba was only a 60hz tv and the Samsung was a 240hz tv....

check it out vs other 240 hz tvs for price rather then a dirt poor base model
ArmrdChaos  +   1915d ago
Speak out against Obama...and you're a racist.
Speak out about Homeland security laws...and you're a terrorist.
Speak out against 3D...and your a PS3 Hater.
JoelR  +   1915d ago
bit unfair to say PS3 Hater... I would say
"Speak out against 3d and your Gamer hater"

as the Xbox 360 has been demonstrated to do 3D as well.

BenCrazy424  +   1915d ago
It's the next gen thing whether you like it or not now, it is coming. Prices will soon go down and soon the glasses less 3DTV's will come(guessing around the time the next gen console's arrive) and everyone will buy them like hdtv's and blueray.
PopEmUp  +   1915d ago
don't worry
the price are lower than when HDtv first came out, sO I think 3dtv will be like hdtv in about 2 years time
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1915d ago
3D is here to stay.

Now that the content is coming out for it...3D is going to take off. I showed it to my friends at Best Buy yesterday. They have tons of videos and gameplay footage of PS3 games.

It completely blew them away.
enkeixpress  +   1915d ago
I'm perfectly fine with only HD, Thanks.
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A Cupcake for Gabe  +   1915d ago
I was sold when I demoed it all at Best Buy. The sports was ok, but the games and documentary footage was intense. This is not a gimmick. It the real deal, and one hell of a double rainbow. I am getting a 3D TV with tax money.
SOAD  +   1915d ago
"I am getting a 3D TV with tax money."

again, we deserve our economic crisis.
DaTruth  +   1915d ago
Bet you weren't saying that when you and your friends went out to purchase your 360's.
skip2mylou  +   1915d ago
like i would trust yahoo.com.games pffft get that garbage outta here. if they were a real news site they would know that companys are working on cheaper prices, 3d less glasses, better framerates, games coming out for it, and THERE IS SHOVELWARE ON ALL CONSOLES/HANDHELDS
GamerSciz  +   1915d ago
Really yahoo?
1. Too expensive?

Newsflash the first DVD-players out were around $600. Now you can pick up one with full burning capabilities for around $50. Everything comes down in price. So that reason is irrelevant.

2.Dorky glasses...well I will admit the glasses don't exactly scream cool but at the same time they are meant to work for everyone, including those with glasses. Besides, who cares if they are dorky, you aren't wearing them out to the bar or something.

3.Low framerates?

Last I checked the cheapest 3D tvs are 120hz but the nicer ones are up to 240hz. Not sure how 240hz constitutes as low framerate. Hell I wonder if they know what it means to be 240hz. To put it in perspective, average computer monitors have a refresh rate of 75hz on the high end. Now compare that to a larger screen but at 240hz, you get the picture (pun intended)

4.No must haves?

When I see that I think one word, opinion...because that's all that is. I want a 3D tv by Nov 2. for GT5 as well as for in the future with KZ3 and MS Apocalypse. To me those are must-haves but again it's simply opinion. Not an arguable point.

5.Shovelware galore...umm yea you get that but they mention the PS Move and Kinect as well, which mind you have nothing to do with 3D. 3D and motion are two separate features in no way related from my understanding. Regardless, back to the shovelware. IMO I haven't seen KZ3, or GT5, or MS Apocalypse in 3D. I have been to a Sony Style store and seen MS Pacific Rift in 3D and it blew me away.

Truth is 3D is not a gimmick but right now it's an expensive luxury. However it's no different in that technology is always changing and the prices will drop, fairly quickly I am guessing.

Sorry for wall o text...that's just my 2 cents.
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Omega Zues  +   1915d ago
its yahoo
That alone tells you their way off. Didnt they say Blu-ray was going to fail?
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1915d ago
That article include Ignorance.
C0MPUT3R  +   1915d ago
Do these people have no foresight? Seriously. (PS3 it teh doom, Blu-ray not needed.)
3D gaming won't be big this year or next, but it will continue to grow every year.
AliTheBrit19  +   1915d ago
I can't stand this motion control and 3D Buzz atm

Seriously, The Wii is a crappy console and both Kinect and Move seem equally unappealing.
PidgeottosCrew  +   1915d ago
3D is an interesting concept, but it's in its infancy. While I don't see much for it in the next few years or so I'm still going to be supportive, because the video game industry didn't go from blocks and squiggly things to photo-realistic graphics in a year, or two, or even thirty.

Everything in this list will improve as time goes by. Right now there might be a whole 'it's cool, but not really necessary' mentality going on, but one day some intelligent person will create a killer-app only possibly in 3D.
NeoBasch  +   1915d ago
Why fight it? I mean, seriously, it's going to happen whether you like it or not. You can try to use your influence to warp the gaming public's mind as much as you want, but know this. It just makes you sound like all those crazy bible thumpers who still believe we came from Adam and Eve. 3D is in it's infancy. Claiming it won't work after what, sitting six months on the shelf, is complete psycho babble. Things change, just 'cause it doesn't work for you right now, doesn't mean it won't later, or for anyone else. Sometimes, I absolutely despise editorials. They're filled with just about as much propaganda as corporate America. Exciting! *rolls eyes*
DavePSU  +   1915d ago
This article is ridiculous. You can pick up a Samsung 3DTV for $1,250 on Amazon.com

It's not anymore expensive than a standard HDTV that is any good.
elm  +   1915d ago
When the Xbox 720 comes around in 2 or 3 years time with Blu-Ray, all games running in 3D 1080p and every single HDTV has 3D built in as a standard all these so called "Gaming News" sites will think 3D is the best tech ever.
I think I'll save this article and post it back to Yahoo in 3 years time just to show them what dicks they are/were.
gano  +   1915d ago
I know what else is bull.
DigitalAnalog  +   1915d ago
It all depends on the consumer..
Remember how it wasn't THAT important to own an HDTV? I remember that it was quite pricey at that time (and this was the early stages of the HD consoles). Never did I thought that I would own not one but TWO (well, I meant one HD Monitor). The games look more lively than they do on an SDTV. As long as the consumer finds value and more and more games are pushing 3D (looking at Sony's 1st party line-up) then no doubt it would take off.

-End statement
LightofDarkness  +   1915d ago
Here's a big difference for me.

I understood for a long time the difference between gaming on my PC in hi-res and gaming on my low-res consoles. I knew the reason why console games never looked as good as PC games and it was because the images weren't sharp enough. I welcomed HD with open arms.

3D, on the other hand, doesn't make half as much sense to me. Well, does in one half: it's a way for the TV makers to rope you into buying your HDTV all over again, because they enjoyed that serious revenue spike so much that they'd die to have it again. So here they are, telling you to buy an immature technology for an unreasonable premium because they say it's the next big feature.

Despite what we the "hardcore" may say, the glasses are a problem. They're expensive and ensure that anyone else in the room without them cannot enjoy the experience. The technology simply will not take off until that problem is fixed. BOTTOM. LINE.
DaTruth  +   1915d ago
Would you want to walk through life in 2 dimensions? That is the point of 3D!

If NATURE could see the sense of 3d, why can't you?
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earbus  +   1915d ago
They will get cheaper and improve the tech you will buy it and a new style of 3d will come out and you will have trouble tracking down glasses for ur model .
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hyabusha  +   1915d ago
3D Is great!
Give It a chance man!!!

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