3D gaming: Five reasons it won’t work

To hear some people tell it, 3D gaming is the wave of the future. In just a few years, you’ll be bobbing and weaving in your living room as you play in an environment that’s more realistic than anything you’ve ever experienced.


Sure, 3D can be a cool feature in games, but is it something that will take over the industry? We don’t think so. And Yahoo has got five good reasons why the pundits are wrong.

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SeanRL2583d ago

I've tried a good 3DTV out, it's a cool little extra but not for the amount of money you have too pay.

deadreckoning6662582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Well said. Of course I'd want a 3DTV..but not when my current HDTV is working perfectly fine. Also, I'm not too crazy about the glasses....AND the fact that there are BARELY any channels currently available in 3D, unless your into sports...which I'm not.

However, I would definetly buy a 3DS..especially if they recreate MGS1 and MGS2 like they are doing with Snake Eater =D

@jayistheway- Ur right, I haven't tried 3D gaming..but I know its not worth the money. Just because I've never bought 28 inch spinning gold rims for my car doesn't mean I can't rationalize that its not worth the money.

@PopEmUp- Well, I'm VERY into MMA. I consider it a sport, but many people I encounter don't consider it a sport..which is why I didn't mention it earlier. For the record...I think baseball is extremely boring. I DO enjoy playing football and basketball from time to time..but I don't like these sports enough to watch them on television or figure out which team is my favorite.

PopEmUp2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

I heard someone who not into sport lol man it sound so nerdy xd

specialguest2582d ago

That sounds very familiar hmm... oh yeah! Back when HDTV was the latest tech, lots of people said the same thing. I'm not saying that's a false statement, just saying that I've heard that before.

Army_of_Darkness2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

1. It’s too expensive!- I 100% agree.

2. Dorky glasses- Eh.. more hip looking these days, so Not a good reason to hate...

3. low framerate- Never seen a 3d game in action yet. so I'll have to wait & see for myself first. Besides, I don't think I've heard anyone mention anything about reduced framerate on 3d games?! Hmm..

4. No must have's- GT5! KZ3! Motorstorm:AP!! MK9! that got me sold!

5. shovelware- Have not seen any yet?!?! Is this guy just making this one up?!

schlanz2582d ago

The tech will get cheaper.

It will become widely supported.

The glasses will either not be required or become less bulky and more fashionable.

This is a stupid list this guy threw together for hits.

sikbeta2582d ago

I'll only give 3 Reasons of Why 3D will work and will be Awesome:

2·MotorStorm:Apocalypse 3D
3·Gran Turismo 5: The Definitive Racing Simulator in 3D

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wsoutlaw872582d ago

all of the things listed are right now issues that will continue to improve. the price will drop, and there will be more/better supported games, movies, and tv shows in time. Its like this every time something new comes out. no surprize

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mrv3212583d ago

Oh, didn't people say the same about motion? The 3DS is a 3D system right? Will it fail. I highly doubt it.

I admit 3D is still VERY young but if developers can get used to the technology now and perfect it then the next generation of 3D will be great.

Spaghett2582d ago

I draw the line with 3D. When gaming all I want is the console, a tv of any make, a controller, and a game, none of this pointless bullshit like 3d and HD. If any of that junk made the game play better than I might consider it.

GamerGuy1532582d ago

i see being able to judge exactly when to take a corner in a racer as an advantage making the game pay better.

wsoutlaw872582d ago

you dont even want hd for your games. thats crazy

GamerGuy1532578d ago

3D has some drawbacks like that but the only thing the PS3 doesnt support is 1080p 3D. most games dont support 1080p anyway so im not really at a loss

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