Boogie not a Wii Exclusive, Coming To PlayStation 2

While EA's Boogie for Wii is seeing few game critics singing (and interpretively dancing) its praises, according to a new listing on game rental service GameFly, the game may have another opportunity to underwhelm gamers, this time on the PlayStation 2. The listing, rooted out by Siliconera, shows a November 15th release, making a pre-Thanksgiving cash grab very likely.

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MK_Red4055d ago

Another Wii game ported to PS2. This is making Wii look more and more last-gen and publishers are starting to dump their no-so-good Wii games into PS2 for more cash. And what a surprise... this one is from EA!

djt234055d ago

yes another wii port and it going to be horrible for ps2

texism4055d ago

yeah, just like rayman. haha this is going to be poo poo on the ps2.

Makawee4054d ago

Useless, there are better Karaoke/rhythm games on PS2. At least it's not another not-so-good PS2 game ported to the Wii...