Xbox 360 Unreal Tournament III to get fewer maps?

Speaking at this year's Edinburgh Interactive Festival, VP of Epic Games Mark Rein indicated that Unreal Tournament III for the Xbox 360 might have to get cut down in order to cope with the limitations of the console's hardware. Answering a question from the crowd about whether disc size would be a problem with an Xbox 360 port, he stated that "We'll compress some things. But you know, we may have fewer maps on the 360 version...Blu-Ray has definitely given us a lot of legroom. And what's really cool is if you think forward and think about what we've done in the past with UT. We had UT 2003 and then we had UT 2004, which was everything in UT 2003 plus a whole bunch of great mod stuff that we went out and purchased from mod makers."

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BIadestarX4057d ago

No likely... this is just marketting bull.. to make Sony fanboys jump of joy and run to get UT.... Just like Gears of War... usually more content is put in convince people but buy the game... ofcourse they will not tell you that... but UT will come with some extra stuff that the PS3 will have have... it's always the case... otherwise they know people reviewing the game will give it a poor review and people will not buy it for the xbox 360... specially with so many great FPS being released... if they do that... they should at least leave the game exclusive to the PS3 as it was before... There is no room for crap on the xbox 360...

WaggleLOL4057d ago

Another crappy Dreamcast 360 port.

[X] Gimped disc storage
[X] Crappy online service
[X] Wimpy graphics hardware

Epic is three for three with UT. The gimped 7 gig DVD drive is too small for the game, the crappy online service delayed the game because it couldn't handle pc mods like the PS3 can, and Epic has already confirmed the game is running better on the PS3.

I'm sure Rockstar understands Epic pain of having to work with the POS Dreamcast 360 hardware. At least with Epic the PS3 and PC versions are delayed due to the nightmare of trying to get things working on the 360 like is the case with GTA IV.

Syko4057d ago

In fairness I think this will be a good thing for this whole argument of, 360 games ported to PS3 debate. And it could very well show the first advantages of the PSN, over Xbox Live's more closed system. If this is handled well it could be the first eye opener for people like me who are still on the fence with the PS3. I am very interested on how well the mod scene will work out for PSN. Credit where credit is due, IMO.

hella whip4057d ago

No room for crap?! every system has crap games made for it, Hour of victory (I think its called that). Then you got Multi games like Transformers which are crap.

Ri0tSquad4057d ago

It would suckkkkk but its probaly not true.

Xbox 360 Will4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

I been saying it all along.
Xbox 360 not everyone has a hard drive = hinders development
Xbox 360 last gen DVD 9 = hinders development

You don't got to be a Sony fan to know this all you have to be is
a developer working on the 360.

This is coming from Epic who is like a God to you 360 boys because of Gears of War.

This will not be the last time you will hear things like this from developers!

DrPirate4057d ago

Epic already said Gears of War is crap compared to UT3.

To quote:

Taking cover is for wimps.

SofaKingReetodded4057d ago

calling UT "crap" only shows what an utter fanboy idiot you are. Do everyone a favor and cut ur nuts off so you can't contaminate the world with your DNA.

hazeblaze4057d ago

It isn't marketing bull when it's coming from the VP of a 3rd party dev. Plus, this isn't the first 3rd party game that's included extra content and maps for the ps3 version either. We've known from the beginning of the gen that blu ray was going to allow larger games for the ps3 than the 360... you purchased a 360 anyway, so you should be over it by now.

Anyway, this also proves a point I made in the other thread. Microsoft's move with the alternate server pipeline will not help with mods... Microsoft's answer is to allow DEVS an alternate way of publishing user created content. But as you see in this article, devs still have to purchase mods if they want to use them. PS3 owners will be able to play mods from the mod makers themselves... feels good owning a real next gen console ;-)

Daishi4057d ago

DVD 9 is not a problem for the game. Remember that the PC vesion will be using it, the HDD will be the only problem. Right now Epic has a lot of resources investead in running the unreal engine on the PS3 which $ony paid for so it's understandable. My guess is they will use this to take large parts out of the game to sell them on the market place which is gonna suck for everyone. Unreal always has been and always will be better on the PC IMO.

Hatchetforce4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

I have repeatedly shaken my head at your ignorant fanboy comments bladesmart. Anything that casts the 360 in a bad light is automatically a lie. While I agree there is a lot of BS flying around, what Mark is saying is very founded in fact.

Reference Syko's comments, the fact that MS has chosen a closed developement system is something none of us can understand. Stupid. Just stupid.

Mark Rein isn't alone in his comments. Everyone in the industry expects DVD to be obsolete due to limitations by 2009. The problem is things are happening faster than people planned. When you start getting lower res textures, reduced environments, compressed sound, etc then you can blame it on Sony paying off the dev team. Notice I said 'When', not 'if'.

You are the ultimate fanboy willing to goose step to the blind drummer that is beating out '360 rulez, 360 rulez'. What you fail to realize is such sheeple like actions immediately invalidate anything you have to say and toss it on the refuse heap.

Both console manufacturers are facing design challenges. But one of those, DVD limitations, is a problem that is only going to get worse, not better.

When dev teams open their mouth and say something negative, then it is a serious issue? Why? It could mean their job. This is why the comments by Rockstar and Bizarre should be heeded. But some people will just put their fingers in their ears, and keep stepping right off that edge.

BIadestarX4057d ago

Why do people always have to take everything I say as an attack to the PS3... When I said, "Crap" I was not talking about the PS3 version of the game... but wherever they come with for the xbox 360.
Here is the point I was trying to make...
When a game is released first on one console... and then released a few month later for another... the game must have some extra features to encorange people to get the game... if the game come with LESS content... it will obviously receive bad reviews and xbox 360 gamers will see it more like an insult than anything else... If anything this is why developers released the one with less features first... it happened with Virtual Fighter, Gears of war, Ninja Gaiden, etc.
If this game was design to have a bunch of uncompressed data or too content to fit on a DVD9(which I doubt)... why not just keep it exclusive to the PS3, instead of porting something they know is going to have half baked... it shows how great their are as a company trying to screw people.

Sovannah Phum4057d ago

how does blindstar have any more bubbles? he should be banned for stupidity.

Hatchetforce4057d ago

"Why why why do they put out crappy ports! Waaaaa!"

Well they do. It is called greed. All you have to do is walk into a game store and look at the rack and you'll see plenty of ports that didn't get anything added that was really worthwhile.

The complexity of titles is going to increase. What can you do with DVD 9 now? Quite a bit within limits. What about by late spring next year? Disc capacity is like the Grim Reaper that won't cut a deal for more time. I wish MS had put HD DVD in their machine from the get go.

The problem is the 360 will be getting quite a few multiplatform titles next year that are below their PS3 counterpart and disc capacity will be the culprit. People might as well suck it up now and get prepared. I hate the fact that by September 17 I will have two 360s and both will be limited by DVD capacity. I can only imagine how many discs are going to be in the Peter Jackson Halo game.

Marceles4057d ago

good thing i have each system, but for the 360 only owners, this sucks. Sounds like UT3 on the 360 won't have anymore maps than Calling All Cars

Hatchetforce4057d ago


No one was 'owned'. What is happening is a fact of gaming's technological advances. Flamebait serves no one.

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zonetrooper54057d ago

I will approve but this will turn into a flame war. :|

FormidableOne4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Methinks that we'll get the same maps in the end, only some will come as downloadable content with a price sticker attached to it. Just a thought, but who knows.

Either way, news such as this isn't enough to make me NOT want to buy the game. The game is fun and enjoyable in the end, we just might be missing a couple 'areas'. It won't affect X360 purchasers of this title much as this won't be cross-platform online. Either system, this game is going to be great!

slugg4057d ago

Unreal Tournament was "given" to PS3 as a timed exclusive for 2 reasons: not wanting to go up against Halo 3, and to focus develpment on the PS3 version to help optimize Unreal Engine 3 on the PS3. The game has been in development longer on the 360 (it was announced at the same time as Gears of War). All that being said, this switch WILL benefit PS3, especially this holiday with no real shooter competition on the platform until Killzone 2. But having more maps on the disc doesn't mean the the same maps wont be downloadable from Xbox live, and probably for free since MS wont risk the ire of their fans who realize the PS3 version came with them included.

hazeblaze4057d ago

Actually, you're incorrect there. The game was in development for the PS3 before development began on the 360 version (it was still announced as a ps3 exclusive when Gears launched... it was not until the Spring of '07 that a decision to port to the 360 was announced).

But as others have said, it will be a good game no matter which system you play it on.

Hatchetforce4057d ago

But who will get those maps and will they be free? DL maps will only be for people with a HDD and even then may not be free. Fact: Epic wanted the GoW maps to be free and were extremely pissed MS charged for them.