No clan support in Halo 3 Confirmed

Halo 3 will not ship with clan support. As Frankie puts it, the clan support in Halo 2 really amounted to no more than a second friends list. The Bungie boys don't rule out the possibility that Halo 3 may support clans in the future, but don't expect to see it in the retail box next month. Oh, and don't forget that Microsoft isn't planning on implementing cross-game clan support anytime soon either.

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Clinton5144053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Don't know what else to say. I would easily trade the useless(in terms of gameplay) recording feature for something like clan support.

edit: Looks like I struck someone's nerve early.

Why are you children crying over my opinion? FormidableOne commented to me very maturely and disagreed with me(which I respect). The rest of you seem disturbed. Grow up.

FormidableOne4053d ago

I concur on the disappointment. I wouldn't, however, trade the saved-games feature. This really doesn't phase me much as I didn't utilize clan support in H2, but still I would like to see as many features in as possible.

toughNAME4053d ago

nooo waayy buddy

btw go troll somewhere else please :D

ASSASSYN 36o4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

As if ps3 and ps2 games have clan support. Even xbox games had clan support. And we have a universal friendlists.

MoonDust4053d ago

Why clan support is not needed.

Hatchetforce4053d ago

You didn't strike a nerve. You were just wrong. Shared films that will flood the internet will have a bigger community impact than clan support. Clan matches can still be organized. But if the movie feature were removed you would just be SOL without a video capture card and proper cabling along with PC/TV proximity. Most gamers are not college students with their 360s hooked up to the PC's screen.

Clinton5144053d ago

I'm not denying any factual info. This is a new concept that I just don't grasp. Are you trying to dictate how I should feel about this news?

MoonDust4053d ago

1. Nothing has changed. Clan matched will be the same as H2.
2. Feature films is a great feature that won't be removed.

toughNAME4053d ago

hes just a sony boy who wants some attention...relax guys just click ignore

Clinton5144053d ago

That made absolutely NO sense in context of my question. How can an opinion such as the above be "wrong". ANSWER the question or simply don't if you can't.

Hatchetforce4053d ago

You say what you prefer and that is fine but by doing so there is the implication that clan support is the more important of the two. In terms of community impact, it isn't. The movie studio will have a much broader appeal and impact.

Clinton5144053d ago

I should have put more emphasis on the fact that this is only my thoughts(even though I felt it was obvious). I'm not enforcing anything on anyone.

Take a lesson from this all you rabid kids, this is how you communicate politely with people.

MoonDust4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Film feature being useless, that is one of the best features ever.
everything else is your opinion.

Edit: disagree all you want. LOL.

Dr Pepper4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

@ Clinton541

I don't think the save video feature is useless. It allows you to go over your previous match with your team to improve your strategy, which could greatly affect gameplay (in multiplayer). I think it's pretty cool.

Hatchetforce4053d ago

Clinton, thanks for the reply. It is the habit of this board that opinions of personal wants become a statement for the community. It is the nature of the beast. I understand what you mean as far as a feature and it's appeal on a personal level. A person's opinion is their own and unless it is matter of hard facts and not a matter of personal taste, then I agree there is no right or wrong. There is only what a person prefers.

Back to my previous comment, I do believe the movies will have a profound impact. The down side? We will also reach the point we will get tired of wading theough all the BS vids in order to find the few that are really innovative and show something cool. Hog jumping used to be an art form. After all how many times can you bear to watch 8 year old Timmy team kill someone and then trash talk about it?

For me personally, and this is just me, the biggest benefit to the films will be as a learning tool in order to become more proficient in mp.

The downside of not having Clan support, and this is something I hope to see added, is I was really hoping to see spectator matches taken to a new level.

PS-Wii-604053d ago

that's one of the new features that really stands out for me.

BTW, I DLed the Red vs. Blue Machinima vids the other day from Marketplace and just about pissed my pants laughing while watching the teabagging exercises =)

I am confused about the no clan support though, I thought they had already confirmed it and was making it a big selling point.
When did all that change?

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zonetrooper54053d ago

I didn't really use clans anyways, nobody ever played clan matches and when they did, it was cheating all around. Well, maybe Bungie will add it in later on if there is demand.

BIadestarX4053d ago

Duhhh... I think is well known.. that clan support on the xbox 360 will not be done per game basis... just like the friend list is not per game basis but across all games... There are rumors that Microsoft is working on Clan support and may go live even as soon as this the fall update...
Not adding clan support to halo 3 just prove even further that this is true... since adding clan support to halo 3 would be redundant once clan is added to xbox live.

FreedomReign4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Good idea, easy to implement.... why not?

Syko4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

One great thing I have to say about MS is, they don't release major dash updates until everything is extremly well tested and proven. If they do put a clan type system in place, expect it to be very well done. IMO. Still I am not holding my breath for it. It kinda of works against the trueskill matchmaking they have been using. They also time and time again have said that is what the unranked game invites are for.

Hatchetforce4053d ago

Well Syko that isn't correct as there have been a couple of updates that bricked systems. In one case it was a faulty Samsung driver that dudded quite a few systems in Asia.

toughNAME4053d ago

the clans in Halo 2 were so pointless...rarely could you actually participate in a clan

"a second friends list" couldnt have put it better

aslong as they keep (or improve upon) the Halo 2 party system

MoonDust4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

If you are a high level player you don't go into a match without good teamate/friends, so that's pretty much the clan support.
Bungie knows what they are doing. It's pretty much just a second friends list.

I expect the Sony trolls to embarrass themselves with this one.

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