80° BioShock Infinite Interview "With our heads still spinning from the astounding (if heavily scripted) demo of Bioshock Infinite at GamesCom last week, we sat down with Irrational's Director of Product Development Timothy Gerritsen to see if we could squeeze any information out of him. What we got was a tantalising glimpse into the twisted world of Columbia."

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bradlinho2520d ago

Interesting stuff. Wonder what the "shimmering" thing is all about?

Hardedge2520d ago

Good stuff, I'm getting pretty excited for this.

Selyah2520d ago

This sounds pretty intriguing O.O

JDouglasGU2520d ago

i'm very interested in what irrational is doing with infinite.

N4GAddict2520d ago (Edited 2520d ago )

I'm actually pretty excited for the new BioShock.

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