Bioshock 2 DLC: Minerva's Den hands-on preview - GameZone

"Fans of BioShock 2’s single-player story mode have been feeling a bit left out from all of the downloadable content fun. All of that changes when Minerva’s Den hits the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network."

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barefootgamer2582d ago

Normally not a big DLC fan but might try this one out if the content is meaty enough.

jzungre2582d ago

by bioshock infinite right?

DemonStration2578d ago

I feel like the entire game is overshadowed by Bioshock Infinite. Infinite is Bioshock 2 as far as I'm concerned.

jzungre2582d ago

that ion laser sounds brutal! the burn effects in Bioshock are so realistic. I'm also surprised that it's only 10 bucks. I just shelled out 15 for limbo...

Azule612582d ago

Awesome it costs just the right amount of points I have left on my account :)

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