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Fallout: New Vegas looks too much like Fallout 3

The best thing about Fallout series is that it does not feature standard medieval fantasy storyline; instead, Fallout series takes us to the distant post apocalyptic future in which humankind is fighting for its bare survival. Storyline is new and refreshing and if you are tired from fighting with skeletons, demons and wizards, Fallout is the right thing for you. (Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Next-Gen, PC)

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strotee  +   1800d ago
I recently pre-ordered this for PS3 about a month ago and have since canceled the order. As the article states, it does feel like it's an expansion pack. I dare say, possible cash grab, a "tide me over til FO4 comes out" effort.

Yea, I know, graphics don't make a game but having put 100+ hours into FO3 it'll simply feel too familiar to justify dropping top dollar for the same experience (with a few minor changes).

On an unrelated note, I pre-ordered GT5 (using all my coupons on Amazon) and with free shipping, I got it for a cool 40 dollars. Not bad if I do say so myself.
mrv321  +   1800d ago
I found every location in Fallout: Bethesda except the radiated one which is painfully hard to "discover".

By the end of the game I was rocking enough stuff to complete the entire game with what I had in my unusually large desk... which still looked like trash despite my HUGE amount of caps.
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A Cupcake for Gabe  +   1800d ago
You go there...but the back entrance. I wonder if there is some way of registering it with out dying.

ON TOPIC: This is not an expansion. The Mojave Wasteland is about the same size as the Capitol Wasteland.
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ChineseDemocracy  +   1800d ago
I was really hoping they'd upgrade their engine or something. I absolutely loved the gameplay in Fallout 3, but graphically it's pretty weak.

When games like Uncharted 2, God of War 3, InFamous 2, Heavy Rain, Halo Reach, Gears of War 3, Alan Wake, etc. Are pushing the bar graphically, this game looks mediocre.
A Cupcake for Gabe  +   1800d ago
At chinese democracy

we al pray brother that Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls V run on the id 5 technology.
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cranium  +   1800d ago
Thing is, all of the games you mentioned are exclusives that take full advantage of the platform that they're on. New Vegas has the disadvantage of being a massive open-world multiplatform game that doesn't have the luxury of using any one platform to its maximum potential. I have faith that Bethesda and Obsidian won't disappoint come fall, they've always made awesome games and I'm positive that this will be another great addition to their catalog.
Christopher  +   1800d ago
As long as the graphics are on par with the first, I really don't care.

Now, if the content isn't on a similar level to that of the first, then we have a problem.
mugoldeneagle03  +   1800d ago
I can't wait for this game
I loved Fallout 3, and I'll be the first to agree that both 3 and New Vegas look exactly the same, but the way I see it I could pay $60 for an entirely new area, new quests and new characters or $50 for all of the Fallout 3 DLC which I still want to play badly. So I'll pay the extra $10 for New Vegas.

I wish Bethesda would drop the DLC prices though. I'd pick them all up this second if they were $5.99
pimpmaster  +   1800d ago
it. for me , fallout 3 was the most immersive rpg ive ever played, i actualy got every achievement and even after that i kept going and went into every building and every area in the map and explored it fully, i put 80-100 hours into it. and i felt it was short lol. you seriously dissapoint me , how do u say this is the same game but slightly diffrent. its in a diffrent world with new people and mission. yea 60$ on a 100+ hour rpg isnt worth the investment huh.. gess youll have more fun on one of those 5-8 hour games.
ico92  +   1800d ago
im not bothered about the looks as i am about the length , Fallout 3 although a great game its main quest was surprisingly short for an RPG i beat it in 15 hours, hope New Vegas is twice as long as that
fafoon  +   1800d ago
I Agree
DLC at Best
Lucreto  +   1800d ago
I just hope they fixed the PS3 version all the bugs and slow down ruined the experience for me.
siyrobbo  +   1800d ago
if it is just like an add on pack, thats good enough for me

i just need more fallout, as long as the quality is on par with 3 i'll be happy
pippoppow  +   1800d ago
If it's just like an ad-on pack then it should sell for less than $60.
Xx Ziyad xX  +   1800d ago
im happy to spend 60$ on Fallout:NV
siyrobbo  +   1800d ago
50+ hours gameplay is well worth Anyones money, pounds in my case as I'm English
Acquiescence  +   1800d ago
Well, to be honest...
for months I thought New Vegas was standard DLC. Then I realised it was taking an awful long time coming out, so it must have been something more. Don't really understand the hype that has surrounded it for so long either; it always looked liked more Fallout 3 content for the hardcore fans.
Jack-Pyro  +   1800d ago
"New Vegas looks too much like Fallout 3"
Uhhhh....When did that become a bad thing?
Baka-akaB  +   1800d ago
I never found fallout 3 pretty , but i only got issue with the content .
With a plot and content from Obsidian instead of bethesda , i hardly see the issue .

That alone is a major enough difference
lastdual  +   1800d ago
Fallout 3's world is good, but the character animation is in desperate need of improvement. Even Todd Howard said as much.

I'm not too bothered by this, as I'll enjoy the game regardless of the graphics provided that the gameplay is up to snuff, but the engine is definitely showing its age.
skottey  +   1800d ago

"looks too much like Fallout 3" is exactly what I crave.

A sequel can go either way if it is changed too much. It can be great or it can be a disaster. At least we have confidence that if we liked Fallout 3, there is a good chance we will like New Vegas. The old saying holds true, "if it aint broke, don't fix it."

There have been plenty of sequels that try too hard and suck. One example that comes immediately to mind is Resistance 2. The first one was GREAT and they ruined the second one in my opinion.

I am looking forward to Fallout New Vegas the way an eight year old looks forward to Santa Clause delivering gifts on Christmas morning. I cannot wait. I cannot believe this article. I cannot believe somebody actually feels this way about New Vegas.
bjornbear  +   1800d ago
what i find silly is that
it isn't too much like FO3 for sure. I bet you it has more locations, more to do, more places.

hell you have the whole of vegas to walk around in, building to go into, etc.

not to mention hardcore mode, and new story/weapons/content.

fine, the graphics are the same, big deal. people are too hooked on graphics these days and forget about what gaming is really about: the gameplay and content =D
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Stealth20k  +   1800d ago
Graphics dont make a game in fact there not that important
solar  +   1800d ago
we dont call those people gamers. whiny brats is more like it. i play games because they are "fun"
3sq  +   1800d ago
"Graphics dont make a game"

Then what are you playing? Sound? Must be real fun to look at an empty TV screen.
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solar  +   1800d ago
so what you are saying 3sq, is no one should ever play solitare, or Deus Ex, DOOM, Final Fantasy 6, Super Mario Bros, all fun games because of the "graphics" arent "next gen"? please. you are not a gamer.
MaxOpower  +   1800d ago
What did you expect, It's f*** sequel???
I don't get you all. What did you expect it to look and feel like (graphics aside). Did you hope for it to be set in the middle ages?? Maybe add spells and trolls.

BTW Cant' wait.
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jrbeerman11  +   1800d ago
Have never been crazy excited for this like I was for first one. I never like the idea of another developer making sequel (I know they were original, but Fallout 1 and 2 are different games). Now that it is owned by Bethesda, the devs taking someone elses engine and game structure will be too afraid to do anything drastically different (like how Bethesda changed Fallout 3).

Bioshock is perfect example, Bioshock 2 felt the same and didn't keep my interest, while Infinite looks to be the sequel we all wanted.

Same goes with KOTOR....
coolbeans  +   1800d ago
"Bioshock 2 felt the same and didn't keep my interest,

Same goes with KOTOR"

I assume KOTOR 2, right? If so, you must've completely ignored the story or dialouge altogether.
Gilliand  +   1800d ago
I think it's a little different though, I think they have them on a tight leash and they probably have a handful of Bethesda employees over at Obsidian; where bioware and the bioshock team didn't have any control over the sequel.
HelghastKid  +   1800d ago
So then im hoping no one in here bought COD WAW, ODST since they feel this is just an expansion pack. This is fallout we are talking about, the game with a ridicoulous amount of quests and crazy replay value. Dont know bout you guys but im buying it.
BabyTownFrolics  +   1800d ago | Funny
where gamers hate gaming
Zinc  +   1800d ago
Give this man some kind of recognition for being point on and funny at the same time... now, what could we possibly give this guy? Hmmm... I don't know. If only some kind of system were in place to give someone credit for something well said or funny...
troll  +   1800d ago
Amen to that brother.

What did you expect? It's based on the same engine in order to get a shorter time of development and using that time to tweak instead. First game lays the foundation, the second one expands upon that foundation. If anything, this is what's actually true to its precursors, the development cycle.

More playing, less bitching please.
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solar  +   1800d ago
Xx Ziyad xX  +   1800d ago
when COD game release every year the same game it ok and its sell 10M copy , but when Fallout release the same Graphics but not content its issues !
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Eazy-Eman  +   1800d ago
I'm kinda on the fence too. I love fallout, but this seriously feels like a lackluster attempt at cashing in on a successful franchise, especially since obsidian is developing this game. *cough* alpha protocol *cough*
Zinc  +   1800d ago
It seems to me that Bethesda were the ones, if anyone, to cash in on a successful franchise, not Obsidian, whom is composed of a number of the original developers of the game... It also seems to me, that they were probably given a set of parameters that they have to follow, in order to even work on this franchise that Bethesda now owns. Like using the same engine and not deviating much from that, other than to make some minor improvements (that they probably had to fight for).

But, I guess nobody gives a shit about reality and would instead like to insert their own worthless $0.02.
Eazy-Eman  +   1800d ago
Umm.....sure why not
Cajun Chicken  +   1800d ago
Zinc  +   1800d ago
I'm not sure I see this as a problem. Fallout 2 was much the same as Fallout 1... Sure, some things had improved graphically, but it was still presented and looked much the same way. Both games were and still are great. Fallout: New Vegas is supposed to have a comparable amount of content and address a number of complaints that people had with Fallout 3. Again, I don't see a problem.
Akagi  +   1800d ago
There's people saying that it's essentially a mod, but until I actually play it, I'll wait until then to voice my opinion.
GusBricker  +   1800d ago
I loved Fallout 3 and if New Vegas is anything like it...
Then it's well worth the money, IMO.
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cygnuszero  +   1800d ago
Loved FO3, but I have next to no interest in this game. Reason being is with every great game, 2 years later you get the crappy cash in sequel, that's what this is. I expect very average reviews, and I will probably only just give it a gamefly rental to try it out.
RandomGamer  +   1800d ago
More people bitching and complaining about graphics yet they will buy the the next generic FPS that looks the same as the last without question.
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TheBand1t  +   1800d ago
...And that's all I want. Is Fallout 3 with a new map to explore, more quests and more weapons.
skullmcrex  +   1800d ago
The problem is
What people expect from sequels now a a days. Older gamers usually expect a new or at least highly evolved engine with a high number of extra or reformed features, as the sequels say a decade ago often included such improvements. Now a days the COD generation are used to being sold the same game over and over and over, so they often don't understand why other gamers would want new games to be "different". Not saying Vegas won't be good btw, I'm sure I'll enjoy it very much, but improved character motion,physics and graphics WOULD BE NICE considering it's a whole new game and I'll be paying £40 for it. Then again you could argue why change something that isn't broken? The gameplay in Fallout is simply amazing ( While COD is painfully broken ) So, I think it really depends on the context of the actual game in question.
RandomGamer  +   1800d ago
It's funny I agree and disagree with you at the same time.As a gamer since the 80s I agree I do expect a certain level of improvement in a series.Yet I still find myself at times over the years wanting to play the same game with some different characters and story.

Like when I played Persona 2 Eternal Punishment absolutely loved the game and I wished I could play a similar game,and then I discovered Persona 2 Innocent Sin,pretty much the same game with different story and some different characters yet I loved it just as much as Persona 2 EP even tho it was identical graphics wise.
Gilliand  +   1800d ago
While engine and gameplay wise it's like an expansion with minor tweaks. But content wise, it's a whole new game with its own stories, settings, and characters.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1800d ago
Isnt it assumed that it was going to? Also isnt this a good thing? Fallout looked pretty good.
RankFTW  +   1800d ago
I can't wait, it's going to be fucking awesome.
Zeppelin666  +   1800d ago
Some of you people are dumb
Some of you people are saying that you love FO3. How in the hell are you going to say that then go off and dis the next game based on pictures? You people obviously have no love for fallout then and probably just going off others opinions which makes you weak for doing so. Who cares if its the same engine. Does the graphics really bring down the fun value? i dont think so. If all your interested in is graphics and not fun gameplay, then go play FF13.
Gilliand  +   1800d ago
That's a good thing.
I don't want Obsidian to ruin something that is great. It also means that I will love the gameplay, like the back story and references to old fallouts, will like the environment, and will like the RPG elements. Anyone remember what was like to stare off into the distance at a beached Air craft carrier, then to go up and find people are living in it? That's going to happen again. Or seeing something poking up from the horizon and deciding to head towards it, just to see more things.

Can't wait to put another 300-500 hours into another fallout game.
za3redrum  +   1800d ago
Care, Fallout 3 owned. If this is a whole new adventure it's worth the money. I don't need new graphics, or all new gameplay.
Bellcross  +   1800d ago
I'm still getting it, Fallout 3 is still one of the greatest RPGs this gen, I can't wait to play Fallout: NV
MasterD919  +   1800d ago
Who cares!
Even if you are a graphics snob and can't get over the visuals...Theres still way more content in this game than many other games on the market.

Anyone who decides to not buy or even play this game is missing out. So their loss.
sam2236  +   1800d ago
...and RE2 and 3 look just like RE1. Your point?

Graphics don't make a game.
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Dance  +   1800d ago
bioshock 2 crackdown 2 killzone 3 almost look the same
so why no mention of them
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