Project Gotham Racing 4 Interview: What's New - and What's Next

Kikizo talks exclusively to Bizarre Creations & Microsoft about what's new - and what's next - in this brand new, in-depth look at the next big racing game for Xbox 360.

Unfortunately, the efforts of this optimisation won't mean we get a 60 frames per second Gotham experience - at least not until PGR5. Kikizo asked Bizarre whether it was still of the view that 60fps doesn't 'matter' - after all, Forza pulled it off. "Yeah, 60 frames per second looked great in Forza," says Kovach. "But if you look at the visual fidelity of PGR4 - the motion blur and all the particle effects, everything that we've put on the screen to make sure it looks visually stunning, and that it's really a rich experience - not just a simulation experience - there's a capacity for 30fps right now. We looked for a long time between 30 and 60, and we decided we don't want to lose the detail and the motion blur, the texturing, the particle and smoke effects. So we made a decision that having all that at 30fps was more important."

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Tone4016d ago

This game will still be fantastic when it comes out.. i cant wait :)