Grading the Wii Channels

This week, online-enabled Wii owners beheld a glorious sight not seen in several months, as the blue glow of the Wii drive heralded a Wii update that seemed too long in coming. Clearly Nintendo listened to the masses, as many of the updates addressed some of the console's problems, particularly where the Wii Shop Channel was concerned. While other changes were more cosmetic, they were welcome additions and only add to the value of this innovative system.

Given that most of the changes were relatively minor and that no new channels were unveiled, we can surmise that Nintendo is largely satisfied with the Wii channels for the time being. That makes this the perfect time to step back and assess the channels. Granted, most of them are free, but that doesn't mean they get a pass to be bad, so here are Cerebral Gamer's official marks

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ReBurn3990d ago

This one was specifically to address the Wii browser locking up.

bym051d3990d ago

Too bad they didn't address the inability to play mp3s in the photo channel unless you do a slideshow.

unsunghero283990d ago

I actually don't think that's a big deal, the Wii isn't exactly a media hub like the 360 or PS3.

djt233989d ago

i agree with unsunghero28 when he say Wii isn't exactly a media hub like the 360 or PS3.

i kind disagree with Weather Channel
all have to say i like spinning the globe it fun

MyNutsYourChin3989d ago

I pretty much agree with all the author's grades. However, I think the News channel lacks a bit more than the author says and needs some more science and technology related news.