New Heavenly Sword Motion Capture Gallery

"We love Andy Serkis for everything he's done for Heavenly Sword. Helping turn a game into a cinematic masterpiece. We've loved him for years though, ever since his role in Lord of the Rings. In fact, we're no strangers to seeing Serkis in a mo-cap suit, seeing as we watched the extras on the LOTR DVDs several times.

Our new gallery, found below, includes some fresh Serkis mo-cap pictures and some interesting King Bohan images. They are particularly fascinating to those interested in the specifics of 3D graphics generation. Low-polygon wireframes of King Bohan are found alongside high detailed mudbox renders. Fascinating!"

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TheExecutive3933d ago

this game is looking visually impressive...

ublender3933d ago

I really can't wait for this game, the whole "making the cinematic game" thing is awesome. I also can't believe how many vertices the in-game model has, even just in the face. Those normal maps are also nicely detailed. Now I just gotta take a closer look at this mudbox. :)

darkvenom3933d ago

looking forward to playing this game.

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