The Best SNES RPGs... That Aren't Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy

Some of the greatest RPGs of all time have graced the SNES. Titles such as Chrono Trigger and several games in the Final Fantasy are exclusive to Nintendo’s 16-bit machine. With a plethora of these high-profile titles, it’s easy to overlook some of the other RPGs.

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HydraxFFx2525d ago

Never heard of Lufia 2, every other RPG on that list along with Chrono and FF are ace though.

GWAVE2525d ago

All of those RPGs are awesome. Breath of Fire is an especially great gem.

Terranigma should be #1 on that list, IMO.

lastdual2525d ago

Lufia 2 was awesome. It totally deserves the mention.

This is a good list, although it's too bad that so many great JRPGs never made it over to the west during the SNES era (such as SoM2/SD3).

Prototype2525d ago

Played and beat all on the list

Lufia 2 was a big upgrade from the first Lufia and the fortress of doom (which was made around the time SNES first hit market). I suggest playing 1 for the story and 2 for how much better it was.

I'm surprised they didn't add Secret of Evermore

Game-ur2525d ago

With Chrono Trigger toping "best RPG" list for 15 years, you would think it’s the model others copy, unfortunately RPGs took a step back. Their were great ones after it, but not as complete as it was.

specialguest2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Those were great, unique, and memorable RPG games. The people who were either too young or born after the SNES generation missed out a lot in terms of RPGs.


RPGs did indeed took a step back, and it's very unfortunate.

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JerseyJosh2525d ago

Where's the love for Secret of Evermore?

Moduserous2525d ago

My secret... is Mana! LoL!
That's my jam right there - Secret of Mana - 3 player co-op! BOOYAH!

Darkfocus2525d ago

ya secret of evermore was way better than mana IMO. mana was just more fun with friends over.

Zinc2525d ago

Wow, this story and the comments are really bringing back some good nastalgia.

Baka-akaB2525d ago

Secret of mana 1 ...
Tales of phantasia
Bahamut lagoon...

Quadrix2525d ago

The EarthBound description is fucked up. It says the games strongest points are its visuals and characters, and that its gameplay and music sucks. It should be the exact opposite.

Prototype2525d ago

It's different from the typical RPG's at the time, I only beat the game once because I couldn't do some parts of the game twice, especially the dream where you fought the one monster that drops the Guts Bat - sleepless nights to get that damn weapon!

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