Xbox 360 Madden08 sales top BOTH PS3 & 360 SKUs at retailer

Sales for EA's Madden NFL 08 for Microsoft's Xbox 360 topped the versions for Sony's PS3 in Tues, launch movement at

Tues. afternoon Madden NFL 08 for the Xbox 360 ranked as the #1 top-selling product at Amazon's Video Games division. By comparison Madden NFL 08 for the PS3 held at #4 in the same period.

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the worst3844d ago

now how the fu*k is this
the day not over yet

power of Green 3844d ago

I have to Edit some of my posts in other threads after saying the 360 won out in scores in some cases by a whole point.

Kermit_Da_Frog3844d ago

Only blind Xbots are surprised by this,the 360's been out much longer than the PS3.

Omegasyde3844d ago

? People are read reviews and some of the competent gamers knew that the better version of the game was on the 360.

Sony doesn't lose, EA does in Ps3 software sales. I hope they learn a lesson on making multi platform games equal and to the best of its abilities. Lazy EA punks. I can't wait till they lose exclusive rights to the NFL license so Blitz, NFL Fever, Gameday, and NFL2k can come back to the market.

$%#^$^# EA. I pray they don't buy Ubisoft next.

SmokeyMcBear3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

anyone know what the ps2 sales were looking like?

oh ok, the ps2 sales are number 3.. but also if you notice, they actually made the game for the xbox.. i didnt think they were doing that.. interesting.

Anything but Cute3844d ago

the game is at #4 for PS3. That's an insult to XBOX 360 fanboys if you ask me. With the 360 user base being around 7 million more than the PS3.

This is what 30 more frame rates per second buy you? Madden XBOX 360 #1, Madden PS3 #4?

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The story is too old to be commented.