Wipeout HD demo ready for Leipzig Games Convention

A new listing added to the German equivalent of the ESRB, the USK, reveals that a demo for Sony Liverpool's PlayStation Network release of WipeOut HD will be available at the Leipzig Games Convention.

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Zhuk3988d ago

I always enjoyed Wipeout, lookin forward to this one

SimmoUK3988d ago

Looking good from the video i've seen on gametrailers, it was alot better looking than I expected for a PSN title and I meen alot, Phil did say it's a full pledged game though and it shows...

marcellizot3988d ago

I own a 360 and plan to own all three consoles before long. So far MGS4, Kilzone 2 and Heavenly sword are not nearly enough to make me part with my cash yet. This however has me giddy with excitement, had this been a launch title, I would have been at the front of the queue.

Wipeout launched 3D console gaming back with the original Playstation and its one of the best gaming franchises ever! I a going to Leipzig and I can't wait.

killer_trap3988d ago

so should i wait for this or just download the classics wipeout??

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