Uncovering the Madden Cover Curse

Gaming Target examines the cover jinx associated with Madden NFL Football and explains how Barry Sanders might have placed the hex on all of the subsequent cover athletes, what fate befell each curse victim and the existence of the Madden Cover Anti-Curse.

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MK_Red4059d ago

Nice find and article. I liked the parts with Anti-curse as well as Vince Young saying “No, I definitely won’t blame the game.” now this is something that idiots like JAck Thompson and Arny should learn from a good athlete.

SwiderMan4059d ago

Nice article. I also liked the inclusion of the boxarts to show the cover boys throughout the years.

Good brekadown.

Rooftrellen4059d ago


Sept 16 Young's coverage is blown away by Freeny. Young, being a running QB tries to get ahead though a hold, but is faster and catches him. In a freak accident, his cleat gets caught on the ground, and as he falls, his ankle breaks. Titans go 5-11.

It's nice to see someone saying they won't blame the game if they go down, since I'm not one to believe in curses. I believe in the numbers, and the number say the chances of Young not suffering an injury are about as good as the Lions winning the Super Bowl. Think the Lions will win it all? Me either. It's sad to see, but, most likely, Young is getting hurt.

SwiderMan4059d ago

Is it wrong to want the Madden curse to continue?

The Real Joker4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

that lives in TN...may you die of cancer of the eyes. Take care.

Rooftrellen4058d ago

May you never get to another SB to come only 1 yard shy of winning.

I won't say stay out of the playoffs, just lose to us there, too.