Complete Bioshock Demo Playthrough Video

So that BioShock demo released, but not everyone has a 360 and some people had problems getting it to download properly. TheFeed decided to playthrough the demo and post the video online for everyone to see. The video is in 3 parts are clocks in at around 24 minutes of awesome.

This shows everything from the demo.

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Vip3r3938d ago

The sooner they release the PC demo the better. I can't wait.

TheXgamerLive3938d ago

I waited until about 12 hrs. after the demo's release and "no problem".

I've played it through about 10 times now and I love the game, I mean it's so much better than it was being hyped even.

seroius 10's all around on this one.

I wanna kill a big daddy, i can't wait for this game.

Si-Pie3938d ago

Its a fantastic demo and cant wait to play the full game. Water looks amazing.

razer3938d ago

is the best I've seen on any game on any platform.. I was really impressed with the water in Lair and this even puts that to shame.

nasim3938d ago

The Dragon wing in LAIR has more poly than an entire scene in BIOSHOCK

LAIR has 20 x more poly than GEARS

Each model, Worch claimed, contained somewhere between 100,000 and 170,000 triangles. Each had a bunch of other special maps and lighting applied, and the main character was built up with "over ten textures". He compared this to an estimated 10,000 for characters in Gears of War and other recent high-res games. The high-res models, meanwhile, that got dithered down to produce the in-game models, ran up around 5,000,000 triangles.

i have 1900 xtx. Hopefully Bio would be much better on my PC than garbage 360 with low powered xenos

u garbage box 360 fanboy with a 2$ dvd drive and a watered down XENON.

why do you even talk

comparing a subpar game like BIOSHOCK with LAIR?

what an abnormal?

FreedomReign3938d ago

Lair maybe good, but this is Bioshock. Go enjoy your Lair demo....

snoop_dizzle3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

look in the mirror buddy.

Ever talked to a girl?

Have you always been this fanatical?

Anyways why do you still want to support Msoft by buying it for the PC?

I find that kinda funny because hey, they made the 360.

And even if the 360 processor is low, it did a pretty good job after playing through this game.

Either way, and even if lair is better, you got some issues.

Go outside or something. Socialize, i don't know.

Saint Sony3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

Can't wait to see your reactions when you actually see that LAIR is a total FAIL. Your dragon might look good and be very highpoly. Who cares about graphics if the GAME is missing.

nasim is a pure 100% lol.

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