Tune In, Turn On: Confirms PS3 Digital Tuner Leipzig Presence

ThreeSpeech will have Leipzig Gaming Convention news to tell next week, including some clarification on the digital TV tuner.

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RunamukK3994d ago

what does this mean for a ps3 owner?

DJ3994d ago

Hopefully it doesn't require a hardware update, only a software update. Purchasing new hardware to enable this function would be a better solution, though not as good as a free function that people can just download (or better yet, something included in the next firmware update).

Yosking3994d ago

PS3 gets better everytime I see it yet again without a doubt....Rock on my beloved PS3

Clinton5143994d ago

My PC capture card + external HDD does the job just fine. And I can playback my shows on my PS3 just the same.

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