300 now on Video Marketplace

If you've been waiting for 300 to hit the (U.S.) Video Marketplace….your wait is now over. Both the SD and HD versions are now available for download. The HD version weighs in at hefty 5.3 GB.

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zonetrooper54054d ago

Wow I didn't know that you needed 10 approvals for a news article to be published, long time since I posted a news article.

FordGTGuy4054d ago

to my ignore list.(man this has been a long time coming.)

Omegasyde4054d ago

I got it on Blu ray too. Don't know about waiting 2 hours to d/l a movie, that I will eventually delete to free up space. Its still cool having the option to do it. Thats one part of XBL that gamers take advantage of.

Ignorant Fanboy4054d ago

You can start playing the movie about a minute after you start downloading, you dont have to wait for the whole thing to download.

Eternal E 8084054d ago

i got it on HD DVD and i must say its more amazing than i first saw it in theaters just so perfect.

ktchong4054d ago

UHDV = Ultra High Definition Video, 16x the resolution of HD.

FYI, 18 minutes of uncompressed UHDV footage consumes 3.5 terabytes of data; one minute of uncompressed footage consumes 194 gigabytes. So, 2 hours of full length movie will use roughly 25 terabytes of storage. Not even Blu-ray or HD-DVD has that much storage space, and you can forget about downloading it via the Internet or online.

Eternal E 8084054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

uh what dose UHDV have to do with anything i said in my post also theaters aint better than having an HDTV with HD DVD mainly because for the amount of pixels used for the amount of screen space meaning if you have an 51" HDTV that has 1080p 1920×1080 and a theater screen wich is about 30-foot by 70-foot with about 2048 and 4096 pixel resolution wich is not that great compared to the amount of pixels used in only 51" inches insted of "feet" so do you get the picture now.make sure you got your info staight.

aggh im on fire4054d ago

If i create an american account would i be able to download this as i live in England?

4054d ago
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