PS3 Has No Games? Putting An End To The Myth

RDG decided to touch on a topic that's much debated on the web. We've been to enough gaming websites and forums to know that one of the biggest things argued about besides the price of the PS3 is that it has no games. So they took a look at this statement a little bit to see how well it holds up.

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socomnick3934d ago

I thought they were gonna show upcoming ps3 games or compare the games that it has out now but no they count the ps1 and ps2 games . Point is people buy a ps3 to play ps3 games not ps2 games.

weekapaugh3934d ago

"Shouldn't you be playing Gears of War"

wait, how can they play Gears anymore, its only 30fps.

tehcellownu3934d ago

Sony Exclusive list.

1. Metal Gear Solid 4
2. Final Fantasy VIII
3. Final Fantasy Versus
4. Uncharted Drakes Fortune
5. Heavenly Sword
6. Ratchet and ClankTools of Destruction
7. WarHawk
8. War Devil
9. Infamous
10. Gran Turismo 5
11. Eight Days
12. God of War 3
13. Heavy Rain
14. Lair
15. LittleBigPlanet
16. Socom Confrontation
17. Socom 4
18. Tekken 6
19. Afrika
20. Getaway
21. White Knight Story
22. Eyedentify
23. Killzone 2
24. Fifth Phantom Saga
25. Unreal Tourment ( Time Exclusive)
26. Haze (Time Exclusive)
27. Wipeout
28. Gradius
29. Possession
30. Time Crisis 4
31. The Agency
32. The Eye of Judgment
33. New Team ICO GAME
34. Folklore
35. Hot Golf 5
36.Valkyrie of the Battlefield
37. Disgaea 3
38. Tears of Tiara

PSN Downloads GAMES

1. Calling All Cars
2. Super Stardust HD
3. Gran Turismo HD
4. Pain
5. Echochrome
6. Snakeball (Aug. 9th)
7. Nucleus
8. Elefunk
9. Everyday Shooter
10. Toy Home
11. Ski
12. Aqua Vita
13. Operation Creature Feature
14. Trials of Topoq
15. Loco Roco
16. Parappa the rapper

Ju3934d ago

Hm, I would go for PS3 games primarily, but I bought Tomb Raider Aniversery and GoW2 recently. Both great games which I wouldn't want to miss out on those (actually, some games play on my PS3, which don't work on the PS2 any more - disk too damaged, but PS3 eats 'em all).
GoW2 is amazing for 480i (upscaled), visually. And $19-49 is another argument. $59 needs to be a very good game, IMO. When they'll come with $39 PS3 "Classics" it will become more interesting again. So, I have so save my funds for Lair, Graw2, Warhawk, Heavenly Swords and Uncharted. But that'll be for this years budget, rest later. (Sorry SC and RB6V)

nice_cuppa3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

dude there were about 5 games on that list that were this year.

who are you trying to convince with your spam lists ???

just because you don't like the truth you disagree.
at least tell me why !

KoonMcKoon3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

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Tsukasah3934d ago

Dude, I didn't understand one word you said. Seriously, I hope you were kidding, but if not... you need to take a damn English class man. Honestly, I believe a vast majority of the people here do not know this modern lingo also known as Ebonics..

oh dear lord i sound like my dad... and to think... im 15....

eLiNeS3933d ago

Where's the pre-orders for any PS3 games? You PofS 3 fandroids need to get on the ball!!!


N4G it's not my fault, this site has made me anti Sony!!!

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TheMART3934d ago

Maybe we should say...

No good (AAA) games? Resistance, Motorstorm, Ninja Gaiden all no AAA. Lair proven no AAA by EGM 6 review. Warhawk will be no AAA, a downloadable fungame though.

Heavenly Sword has a change to become an AAA game, but I think Goddess of War will hit about an 8 in reviews.

So there are some games that are worth playing. But not worth paying 600 dollar/euro for.

SmokeyMcBear3934d ago

mmmm envious of the system you can't afford.. too funny

eXplotion3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Ninja Gaiden is AAA. Resistance should be considered AAA. Heveanly Sword WILL be AAA. Lair and Warhawk AA. UT3 AAA. Haze AA. Uncharted looks AAA.

@Shadow Flare: hahaha too funny

Xbox 360 Will3934d ago

the person that plays the game decides how good of a game it is. For someone who hates the PS3 so much you give it more attention then some Sony fans. Shouldn't you be playing Gears of War or saving up for Halo 3?

TheMART3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

To all above.

Its simple to prove.

Resistance, Motorstorm and Ninja Sigma Gaiden didn't have an average review of over 90%.

Resistance was 89% or so, Motorstorm close to 80% etc.

AAA is like Gears of War 93% or so, Bioshock AAA I think its close to 97% at this moment. Watch these rates:

PC Gamer UK: 9.5
OXM UK: 10
Game Informer: 10
Alternative Press: 10
Xbox World: 9.4
Gamers: 9.8
Gametrailers: 10
PCZone: 9.6
AP Mag: 10

Anything like that on the PS3? No? Great. No AAA then

Xbox 360 Will3934d ago

complain about with the PS3 no matter what. When the PS3 has nothing else to complain about you'll start making things up. Half the things you say now are made up! You might as well be a Sony Stalker. They should get a restraining order against you! You say things to provoke Sony fans but all it does is make you look less intelligent. Get all your PS3 hating out now because soon you'll have to devote your time to making excuses of why the PS3 is beating the 360. Thats right Mart let it all out now!

Omicronn3934d ago

The biggest PS3 hater seems to spend 90% of his comments on the PS3 section of this website.
Cutting and pasting away the same reviews everyday like a customer service rep for MS.

Makes you wonder why eh? :)

vloeistof3934d ago

the mart are you on insidegamer also

jay33934d ago

PS3 has some great games of course, i don't think anyones calling it a piece of crap or anything.

But he's right, yes, the PS3 has some good games coming out over the course of the next 2 years, but right now (With titles the PS3 fans praise because it's all they got. Guys, when World Championship Snooker is in your consoles Top 20 games list, you know there isn't all that much) It's definetly not worth the money. I will be getting one however, like i said, some great games coming out :D

Bathyj3933d ago

AAA is just a catchphrase. All it means to me is a great game I can have lots of fun with.

I dont give a rats arse what scores gamerankings say it averages out to because in the end a review is just someones opinion and can bve flawed.

Havent we learned that in the last couple of weeks?

I'm not saying PS3 doesn't need good games, it needs them bad. But dont forget its been a slow year for all consoles. Wii has nothing despite all the hardware sold and Xbox hasn't been over ridden with quality software lately either.

The good news is the wait is nearly over. There are son many good titles coming out starting really, really soon. Before the End of the year I'm buying:

Mario Galaxy (dont know if thats out this year or not)

Halo 3
Mass Effect

Heavanly Sword
Army of Two
Assassins Creed
Whew, what did I forget? Thats alot of games to get in 3 or 4 months. Not everyones as spoilt as me. Hopefully a MGS4, KZ2 and LBP demo will pop up soon as well.

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Robotz Rule3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

I bursted out with laughter as soon as I saw that pic!

Look in the mirror damn you!:)

MikeGdaGod3934d ago

xbots claim to have sooooooooooooooooooooo many more games that are better on 360. but are they playin them? NO! they're on here talkin sh!t about how ps3 owners dont have any games to play.

seems to me like the games for 360 cant be that entertaining because all the xbots flood the ps3 posts to take shots. thats all the proof i need that they dont even believe their own bs.

nothing but LAMES

The Chief of Mjolnir3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Look at nice cuppas post.

I totally agree with him.

Fanboys are just dropping their IQ for every post.

spammy_nooo3934d ago

games will just 'poor' in. idiots. Its 'POUR' In!!!!!!!

anyways, ya ps1 and ps2 games are NOT ps3 games. i have ps1&2 games, but since i have those games, guess what? i have a ps2.

they should've mentioned all the cool games coming out more.

FirstknighT3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

360: 63 games rated 80 and higher!!!!
ps3: 12 games rated 80 and higher!!!! (8 of those games are better on the 360)

The ps3 has nothing but a bunch of crying fanboys. Dont believe me? Just watch the following reactions...

*EDIT* It doesn't matter if the 360 came out an year early...the fact still remains the 360 DESTROYS the ps3 in game quality. You cannot try to debate that.

tehcellownu3934d ago

No really the 360s beeen out

Games that exclusive that got high scores..

Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Motor Storm

Games that will get AAA this year on the PS3..

Uncharted Drakes Fortune
Heavenly Sword
Ratchet And Clank Tools of Destruction
Unreal Tournment

nice_cuppa3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

.....and we all know how that turned out.

just because you don't like the truth you disagree.
at least tell me why !

Ju3934d ago

Because one review rated it 6/10 with a justification becoming public right now, which clearly shows all negative points as opinions but the positive areas ignored ? All other reviews rated Lair AAA. Sure, all those must be idiots, but only one's right.

MikeGdaGod3933d ago

then why aren't u playin the games instead of d!ck ridin MS all day

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