Is Kinect the final nail in the coffin for MMO games on the 360?

Msxbox-world takes a close look at MMOs on Xbox 360 and the fact that the genre hasn't taken off.

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Hyrius2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Who would play a MMO with Kinect ?

Cloudberry2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

But "HOW" is my main question.

2764d ago
MisterNiwa2764d ago

Well... 'HOW' is a pretty good question.

I still ask myself, how do you walk in a Kinect game?
Leaning Forward? Using one hand as Analog Stick?

Just how? All the game's we've seen so far were only games where you move on the spot.

SillySundae2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

WHY !?!?

sikbeta2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

How? better question:

is it possible to play a Real|Core Game with kinect?

I never see any REAL proof of that since E309...

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Substance1012764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

As a long time WoW player and having played some Warhammer online. I just dont see how anything can replace mouse keyboard for MMO play.

When playing an MMO, voice chat cant be soley relied on. Text chat is also very important as strong communication is required when playing an MMO. Specially when 40 people are in a raid. It would be havoc without text chat which only keyboard can offer. Essentially Texting and voice chat compliment each other.

When playing a game like WoW, there are dozen of spell which need to be instantly accessable, otherwise it would gimp gameplay. The amount of buttons avilable on the keyboard make for easy macros. The mouse helps with quick point an clicking and using of those spells.

Hence i do not currently see any controller combo which can be good alternative to the Mouse + Keyboard combo be it the Control pad, Move or or kinect (lets not even talk kinect it would end up being the worst of the bunch).

sashimi2764d ago

You can play WoW with a console controller.My friend plays it specifically with a 360 controller all possible thanks to a program he wrote and with the help of bindings and macros.Its possible to play without a keyboard and mouse but just a pain for the average person to try.

SuperTiger2764d ago

Kinect is probably just a beta test for Microsoft.
I think i'll wait for the real deal.

ShadesMoolah2764d ago

True Fantasy Live Online. What happened to thee.

scruffy_bear2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Often cited as one of the most disappointing project cancellations of recent years, True Fantasy Live Online was highly anticipated almost right from the moment it was announced in 2002, and was touted as one of the premier titles for the Xbox and its Xbox Live online service in Japan. Yet despite being "fully playable" and near completion according to Microsoft around the time of its cancellation, the title's development was littered with complications from the very beginning. One such problem was Level-5's inexperience with online network coding and their inability to properly implement voice chat compatibility into the game. It was a feature never before implemented on such a large scale in an MMORPG; however, Microsoft was very adamant on its inclusion, as it was a key feature to their Xbox Live service.

Relations between the two companies soon began to spiral out of control as Level-5 struggled to meet the demands required by Microsoft, who in turn grew frustrated at the lack of progress being made on the game. After an extremely short and rather underwhelming showing at the Tokyo Game Show in 2003, True Fantasy Live Online was quietly delayed from its initial Fall 2003 release into 2004. From then, little was seen or heard about from the title, and after a surprising absence during the year's E3 convention, it was officially cancelled by Microsoft on June 2.

In the months following, Level-5 President and CEO Akihiro Hino stated in a Japanese interview that the poor relations between his company and Microsoft, partially due to the latter's inexperience in dealing with Japanese developers, was one of the major reasons behind True Fantasy Live Online's cancellation. He also heavily implied that the two companies did not part amicably.

In an interview in 2008, the CEO Akihiro Hino stated he still has many ideas for True Fantasy Live Online, and would personally like to work on the game. Whether or not the game does come back into development has yet to be seen.

In a July 2008 interview with, Shane Kim, former general manager of Microsoft Game Studios spoke in regards to failed Microsoft MMORPG projects (including Marvel Universe Online, and True Fantasy Live Online). While acknowledging that the cancellations were the right thing to do at the time, Shane Kim also felt that such games could be successful on the Xbox 360 platform.

Kush2764d ago

I don't see how Kinect has anything to do with MMOs on the 360...

Kurt Russell2764d ago

I'm struggling to make any kind of connection myself. I am not expecting my cup of coffee to produce a working MMO either... But that's not what it was designed to do.

SCThor2764d ago

MMO is one of the most hardcore game genre out there, side by side with FPS, so if MS go full with Kinect that is 100% casual, one can only expect that they drop all hardcore future projects in favor of kinect.

That's what the title may try to explain.

Kurt Russell2764d ago

Seems insane to drop one player base for another when you could try for both... I don't see this being the case somehow.

sikbeta2764d ago

MS doesn't have the Studios to make games trying to appeal both sides, MS rely heavily on third party support, it's one or another, that's why they were saying "core" kinect games will arrive after 18 months or something like that...

Kurt Russell2764d ago

Well hopefully in 18 months I will find better things to do with my time then :)

SlickShoes2764d ago

Erm.. no chance of Realtime Worlds making APB for xbox considering they went into administration last week! If its not made and ready now i doubt it will ever see the light of day. The myworld project they showed at E3 has now been canned too.

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