Microsoft Approves PC-to-360 Map Editors / Mods; Someone should tell Epic

One of the reasons Unreal Tournament 3 isn't showing up on Xbox 360 this Fall is Microsoft's approach to user generated content. At E3, Microsoft Game Studios head Shane Kim told 1UP that Microsoft wants complete control over what's transferred through Xbox Live, thus preventing Epic Games from allowing PC-created mods (a step further than just levels, as these could be completely new modes or even games) to appear in Unreal Tournament 3. Sony has no such restriction, thus helping its appearance on PlayStation 3.

At Gamefest 2007, however, Microsoft's official line was less clear. To deliver user generated content, developers can take advantage of what's called Xbox Live Silver Platform (XLSP), where the data transferred runs through the publisher's servers, not Microsoft's. As such publishers become responsible for what runs through it, monitoring and policing offensive content, etc. Taking advantage of it, however, requires Microsoft approval.

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MK_Red4060d ago

Finally, MS should have done this much sooner. Why MS is so unfriendly with 3rd party community & material?

ThePantsMobile4060d ago

Its the same reason as to why microsoft is against open-source software. Since user created content is generally free, it makes it a lot harder for MS to gain control of the market now or in the future (i.e. they may make maps for sale later that would compete with free maps made by users). It is nice to see them opening up to user created content though.

_insane_cobra4060d ago

MS unfriendly with the third party community? If that's the case, why is the percentage of third party software on the Xbox 360 much larger than on the PS3? Even more so with downloadable games? Why do most third party developers choose to lead development and demonstrate their titles on the Xbox 360? How come Xbox 360 games get a lot more downloadable content from third parties, and how come it mostly appears on the Xbox 360 before it appears on the PS3? Why is Sony taking so long to introduce rumble into PS3 controllers when third parties have been clamoring for that feature ever since it's been announced the PS3 wouldn't be supporting it?

No, Microsoft is treating third parties well, but there are still some issues that need to be taken care of, and they are doing just that.

ThePantsMobile4060d ago

I think he means the user created content community not 3rd party devs

_insane_cobra4060d ago

Well, that's not what he said. Besides, Forza 2 and Band of Bugs are already empowering users to create their own content. Halo 3 and PGR 4 will also be offering some community features (saved movies, Forge, Project Gotham On Demand). Like I said, that issue is being taken care of.

ThePantsMobile4060d ago

I know the issues are being taken care of and I'm glad to see that. This change of heart is evident in the rainbow six map packs becoming free, which, according to my understanding, microsoft wouldn't have allowed to happen at first. Hopefully they will give up fighting freeware on PCs as well.

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razer4060d ago

The 360 will have MODs now as well and this sounds like the start of allowing dedicated servers for publishers similar to Sony's model.

They are already doing it with all EA titles and I believe EnchantedArms or other RPG. But of course if the publisher decides to pull the servers like EA does for older games, they will all come whining to MS. Shame.

Omegasyde4060d ago

true. Let alone, Some developers (Zipper creaters of socom) hosted thier own servers and it took over 6 months to finally get a patch to get rid of cheaters...

Ea will screw the pooch and MS will as well...

Mods might be free, but having the ability to get Downloaded mods probably won't.

lol XBL now 69.99 a year for those who dare.

heroman7114060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

so what exactly does this mean ? what does mod exactly mean in this context ? help me im only 14

BIadestarX4060d ago

It means Sony fanboys can't say that new maps made on the PC using map editors can't be done on the xbox 360... because microsoft just opened the doors.... It also means that companies like Epic shouldn't cry like little B!tc3s over this anymore..

esemce4060d ago

Which in PC gaming terms usually means variations in multiplayer (modes) you could say that Annex was a Mod added to gears of war. But with UT3 this could mean anything really using the Unreal editor people can create their own detailed maps (unlike the farcry console crap) but can also enable the creation of different games using the unreal engine. Its a big deal as it has not been done before on a games console.

hazeblaze4060d ago

Well, it means that there is an avenue for users to distribute content through Live... it's still not as straigtforward as the method PS3 users will be able to take advantage of...

And Microsoft still has not come straight out and say that they will allow user created mods... BUT this does sound hopeful. In the end, I think Microsoft is going to cave in to give Epic what they want anyway... they know their games sell. But I have a feeling that 360 owners will be paying for mods instead of enjoying any free ones.

hazeblaze4060d ago

UT3 will be the first console game to allow mods. And even then, they will be made on PC. PS3 owners simply have the freedom to download them.... and they don't have to worry about devs having to go through any special channels in order to distribute the mods either.

If a gamer makes a mod available, ps3'ers will be able to grab the mod through their browser and bypass psn completely. Kind of like how LBP will have a network specifically for gamers to share content and won't have to go directly through Sony's network.

Any solution is better than not getting any mods at all though. And hopefully this will pan out into something good for 360 gamers.

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Now MS will have just to wait anyway... Looks like Epic and Sony have a deal, so it's not like Epic go in a rush to develop for 360 now... Most likely, it will finish PS3 and PC, then come back to the 360 version.

BIadestarX4060d ago

ohh wow.. as if epic is the only company to do this... you never know if Halo 3 will be the first do use this capability.. and Microsoft didnt want stinky UT to go down in history as the first game to support mod on the xbox 360.

aiphanes4060d ago

You have been smoking too much microsoft crack....Microsoft is only doing this since they saw Sony had a leg up on them. They are just following the leader....HDMI and mods....among other things...

WilliamRLBaker4060d ago

Yep Aiphanes they toook that....and sony took every thing else.

Online,Hard drive,High powered system by other companies, and not SONY MADE crap like most other gens.

LOL sony has stolen nearly every thing they have from other companies.

Nicosia4060d ago

Good news coming out,good to see MS are focusing on user generated stuff.

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