Future of FPS: Procedurally Generated Combat Scenarios

In short, no matter how realistic the weapons, aiming mechanics, movement mechanics, and environment "set pieces" are in tactical shooters, they all have one huge gaping hole in realism; you play on the same confined "battle arenas" wave after wave, round after round, match after match, month after month, year after year.

This simple factor causes probably all of the absolute most unrealistic tactics and behavior in tactical shooters. It's not just about knowing the lay of the land, it's the fact that everyone starts in the same places at the same time every round. Thus, all combat in the game turns into a routine where people take the same paths and run through the same chokepoints and danger zones at the same time every time you play.

One thing which is just waiting to be done in tactical shooters, but hasn't yet is procedurally-generated maps. Procedurally-generated content has actually been around since the early days of gaming, when there wasn't enough memory to support large quantities of pre-made content. Based on certain algorithms and parameters, the game would essentially create graphics, or characters, or levels on the fly.

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ShiftyLookingCow4057d ago

I vaguely remember Soldier of Fortune 2 featuring a very basic version of this idea.

socomnick4057d ago

yea I remember that too the levels were big and bland though. Man I liked the gore in that game.

BIadestarX4057d ago

Now, this is the future.. not extra space to drop models after model...

DeadlyFire4057d ago

I expect next gen (PS4,Xbx3,Nin6) to have voice recognition and better gesture recognition first with smarter AI. Like giving commands to halt and move out and so on. Its partially in some games like one or two of the SOCOM games, but not at a level where the AI can understand and counter your statement. Not yet anyway. As well as new mind blowing physics.

GnaM4057d ago

Actually, I have another article on the future of FPS discussing better AI. I'll probably post that tommorow or something.

Hypnotic4057d ago

I'd have to agree with the article. I can think of a couple of games I don't play anymore for that specific reason. After awhile it's just the same strategies. For example Rainbow 6 Vegas. The multiplayer levels are always played out the same way.