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Ragnarok 2 About to Begin 1st CBT Soon.

<Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second> kicks off the first CBT on Aug. 31. (Gravity, PC, Ragnarok Online 2 )

Shoko  +   1705d ago
They should've kept this 2D <_<
N4GAddict  +   1704d ago
The game still looks great to me.
Godmars290  +   1704d ago
Still, in "maturing" to a level that makes it another MMO, its losing a lot of tricks that only sprite animation can deliver.
FiftyFourPointTwo  +   1705d ago
So the original Ragnarok II (Gate of the World) was scrapped and a new one (Legend of the Second) was developed. Only found out a while ago. I'll wait for gameplay footage cuz right now Guild Wars 2 has all my interest.
TheObserver  +   1704d ago
I love Ragnarok Online, still play with friends on private server whenever they invited me.

Lord Knight FTW.

I was pissed that they messed up RO2, hoping the second return wont be as bad.
bodybombs  +   1704d ago
i just figured RO2 was so old now that nobody played it, i didnt realize that it was scrapped. well maybe ill give it another go
xCrazyStruddlex  +   1704d ago
it will be pay 2 play we know it lol why bother testing something where u have to pay a fee in the long run lol.
TheObserver  +   1704d ago
Private servers my friend.
noxeven  +   1704d ago
Wow the orginal one was in like open beta for like what 6 years

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