Breaking News: 360 XBL Arcade on PC by Holidays

The Games For Windows Live initiative has only just gotten off the ground with Shadowrun and Halo 2 Vista, but Xbox Live Arcade, a key feature in the Xbox 360 feature set, is not yet part of the PC experience. During a mostly producer-focused panel at Gamefest 2007, 1UP learned Microsoft plans to rectify that this holiday season.

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razer4022d ago

what it is with MS wanting to give all the experiences of the 360 to the PC. I'm sure it's money motivated, but I would almost gather that the next Xbox won't exist and they will get out of the console hardware business and just do everything on the PC. Everytime I see something like this I can help to think that it gives one less reason to own an Xbox 360.

Clinton5144022d ago

From what *I* can see, grass roots PC gamers aren't feeling their "Windows Live" scheme.

With Steam already existing and only gaining more users and games on the daily, MS has a steep hill to climb.

MK_Red4022d ago

Great news but what about 360 owners like me? If I have already have a game on XBLA 360, do I have to pay for them again to play on Windows XBLA!?
Anyway, it would be awesome to play some of those games on PC.

tplarkin74022d ago

You never have to buy the same game twice. Your account is universal.

NextGen24Gamer4022d ago

It doesn't cut into the 360 market one bit. It expands the xbox live user base. If you have an xbox live account on your can use that same account on Windows live....and vise versa....

The industry is big enough for PC gamers and 360 gamers. Look at all the games that released on the 360 and the PC. The 360 version always out sells the PC version. That will not change. And Most 360 exclusives don't go to PC until a year or two after the initial release...if at all...For MS its a win win...and for Live expands the user base...More competition....more friends....bigger community...ect....

MK_Red4022d ago

Agreed. Its a good thing as long as they don't charge for the games that people already have for their 360s. (So if I have a game on 360, I can also play it on PC).


Take the words from my mouth... So i can just have a PC that I need anyway and play the 360's games, even the small online ones... Thanks MS.

toughNAME4022d ago

it doesnt matter which system you buy the games for (360/PC)

M$ is still bringing in the money

which they use to KEEP Live 3 steps ahead of any crap Sony can throw together

among other things

so thank you bishop and hotshot for improving my online experience and crushing any competition :D

Greysturm4022d ago

Is that most of the games they are offering in xboxlive arcade are already free in the internet without that much hassle there are more people using emulators than xboxlive memberships.

sajj3164022d ago

Although the majority of people are not into emulators. Why do you think Virtual Console for the Wii is thriving. People are willing to pay for the service, as long as its reasonable and worthwhile.

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The story is too old to be commented.