Madden 08 Achievements 100% performance based

With the new Madden 08 it looks like EA decided to make all of the Xbox 360 achievements in the game related to on field stats like yardage of runs, passes, returns, etc. They have done away with the achievements associated with playing online and also with any achievements attributed to a season mode. Typically there is an achievement for completing X number of games or winning the super bowl, but it seems this year they are also missing.

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Anything but Cute4025d ago

Achievments is some gay gimmick that the online frag machine poped up with. I remember I always played Madden on my PS2. And then at the end of the game it wanted to give me certain awards. Like, completes so many percent of the passes, beat the CPU by 28 points, got 100 yards with 1 player, blah, blah, blah. I couldn't get out fast enough to play the next game.

But now there's a new breed of gamer, the online frag gamer who cares so much about all his stats and bullsh*t.

ParaDise_LosT4025d ago

Who made you the voice of the people...
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....But I belive people are entitled to thier own opinions
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but then again, I really don't care

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taz80804025d ago

I had no idea even the achievements system had haters.
Achievement scan add a different aspects to games, give som extra things to achieve and add to replay value. Agree that some people take it to extremes and only play games for the points, you wont catch me playing Open Season just for points, that is just dumb.
Also i dont agree with pepople using the SuperSIm option to get easy points, that is dumb also.

crazyman4025d ago

I don't really have a good gamerscore (around 5000 and I've had it since launch), but I do find that achievements have made me play more of games, and I will go through and complete the whole thing which I rarely did before.

The only problem with this is it makes playing without achievements hard. If I get bored then I would rather go back and play Oblivion again to do one thing I didn't do before than play an original Xbox title like Ninja gaiden that I never finished because it feels kind of empty and pointless with achievements.

although I do refuse to buy a game for achievements, some games will occasionally make me more interested if they have good, well thought out achievements

drunkpandas4025d ago

There's some tough ones, which is good, but it's better than having the 30 years of franchise one. Now, you have to be good at the game to get all the points.

oliveira3114025d ago

I think the performance based achievements that Madden 08 implemented is great. As much as i may love a certain game, that doesn't mean i want to play 100 games online just to get 30 Gamerpoints. I simply do not have the time. It is also a benefit for those who do not have Xbox Live.

I am a 2K Sports fan and I Love the new Madden...They finally got it right.