What Do The PlayStation's Circle, X, Square, and Triangle Buttons Mean?

Teiyu Goto, a Sony engineer who had much freedom to design the original PlayStation as well as its controllers, actually explains that the PlayStations' iconic button shapes weren't just arbitrarily picked—they actually mean something.

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UnSelf2735d ago

sony thinks everything through

Sony: "Good Bubbles, good boy"

Me: "*panting*"

2FootYard2735d ago

You're truly there whipping boy.

rumplstilts2734d ago

If you read the article you'd know that Sony was opposing the design but the wise designer stayed true and didn't let them change it.

Shang-Long2735d ago

Gotta admit that's creative too the max. I never would have thought of that

ChickeyCantor2735d ago

You are just not creative...LOL.

Davoh2735d ago

1st console = xbox
2nd console = xbox 360
3rd console = xbox 360 Triangle?

rCrysis2735d ago

in greek, delta IS a triangle.

Xbox Delta o__O

Moentjers2735d ago

they shouldn't have used the [O]

O = red ring of... ?

Foliage2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

They obviously stole the green from the triangle, so they did copy every button.... :P

Unfortunately Red is a more common 360 colour, since... well... you know...

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Montoya2735d ago

Pyramids, Saturn, The Sun and the Cross.

Mmmkay2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Allah, Krisha, Satan and Frank

Noble Spartan2735d ago

its a legendary controller, But yeah its gone old now and uncomfortable the triggers are awful trying to copy the superior xbox 360 pad even with the home button in the middle...

Heck there are some ridiculous trigger attachments on PS3 controllers lol

They need a redesign for next one Xbox 360 controller has won awards so comfortable and nice.

No FanS Land2734d ago

what kind of awards did the 360 controller win?

Now I know that the dualshock won an emmy award once.

moparful992734d ago

Wow the dualshock 3 is the only controller design that has stood the test of time.. Its about as close to perfect as anyone has come.. Only advantage that the 360 controller has is slightly more comfort in the palms but it creates alot of sweat due to more contact... I love my ds3 and I am so pleased with its design...

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crap double post.. ahem mhhhhh.. that snes controller looks awesome...

tiamat52735d ago

Cool. You learn something new everyday

StarScream4Ever2735d ago

I've learn a new thing today! :D