BioShock Exclusive Weapons of Genetic Destruction Feature

Even more exclusive gameplay proving that the hand is indeed mightier than the sword.

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BlackIceJoe3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

I can't wait to pick this game up it is so going to be sweet. Every time I hear more news on this game I just want it more. So this game will be one great game and it is funny to think so many people did not want to publish this game because they thought it was just another FPS. I bet now they are mad they did not pay to make the game come out.

Dr Pepper3994d ago

I found out that Bioshock and Two Worlds come out on the same day.

Poor Two will be smashed (in sales).

Oh well, I'll be getting the collector's edition for both and then have to decide which one to play first...Hmmmmmm...


Killer vid. Two World will have to wait for me, although I've already bought it. Bioshock just gets better & better....

MK_Red3994d ago

Good find. Two Worlds will also be smashed in critical reaction and reviews compared to BioShock.

GameInformer Mag zover suggests that GI is going to give perfect score to BioShock.

AllroundGamer3994d ago

Two Worlds will be a mediocre game anyway, it isn't really a competition for such a great game as Bioshock.

xbox360elitegamer3994d ago

Great video, I liked it a lot, can't wait till the game cums out!

ThePantsMobile3994d ago

I can't wait until this game cums too. lol

(try the spell check next time.)

socomnick3994d ago

I cant wait the 21st cant cum sooner. cmon bioshock cum out sooner.

dachiefsman3994d ago

don't forget to bring your towel!!!!

Kermit_Da_Frog3994d ago

I think socomnick is going to need some tissue paper!

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