Xbox 360 & PC Medal of Honor Airborne Demo Landing Soon; No word on PS3 demo

Today Electronic Arts announced a demo of its latest Medal of Honor game, Airborne, will be released on Xbox Live and PC on Thursday, August 23. The PC version will be available from the official Medal of Honor Website.

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Anything but Cute4054d ago

Bring on Call of duty 4. Who in their right mind would settle for this game?

Vip3r4054d ago

Medal of Honor is a great series. I just wish there were more demos for the PS3 though.

MK_Red4054d ago

Activision really won the WW2 FPS battle. Not only they kept releasing their Shooters games yearly (COD3 last year, COD4 now) they also got all the praise and buzz while EA worked for 3 years and didn't release a big next-gen game in the series. (MOH:Vangaurd was a small spin-off).

alexander22rednaxela4054d ago

I am still suffering TMWGFD To-Many-WWII-Games-Fatigue-Dis order. ;)

zonetrooper54054d ago

I really want to try out this game and Call of Duty 4, after Rising Sun, damn that game was awful.

MK_Red4054d ago


MOH was the game that started the WW2 shooters crazy and was darn great game on PSone. Hope Airbourne does the game justice.

Kleptic4054d ago

Return to Castle Wolfenstein was before MOH...and was better imo...MOH was the first scripted shooter I guess...

but RTCW looked better...and had a better online setup...although a typical iD wierd story that made little sense (Heinrich the 1st?), kind of took away from the realism...I felt that the first MOH's terrible friendly AI took away from the game considerably...

MK_Red4054d ago

EA is being really lazy with PS3. First the Madden 08 framerate story. Then they wont release SKATE demo for PS3 and now same story goes for MOH:A.
They should learn from 2K games' Darkness which saw demos for both PS3 and 360.

Makidian4054d ago

EA is pathetic, it's a good thing Call of Duty isn't made by them.

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The story is too old to be commented.