GameTrailers' New Madden PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Detailed Video Comparison

Which version of Madden rules the field in this head to head match-up?


Special thanks to xbox360jimmy07. This story was originally submitted by xbox360jimmy07 but sadly because of large number incorrect duplicate reports it failed approval. So credit for this story goes to him as well as my thanks.

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Anything but Cute3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

What are these videos suppose to prove? I still call bullsh*t here. All I see is that the XBOX 360 version of the game looks darker.

Change my wording. I don't call bullsh*t. I know the 360 version is 60 frame rates per second. It's a fact, I'm not denying that. I just think they are making too big a deal about it, because everytime I see a video with my own eyes the difference I see is minimal.

Minimal, other than of course the 360 version being a lot darker. If you consider that, then there's a huge difference in looks.

TheMART3938d ago

Uhm no. The PS3 version has less intense colours and washed out screen. That's what you see.

heroman7113938d ago

the mart

Where did you get that from ? the 360 version for some reason looks darker and thats it to me. dont see anything else besides that really.

MaximusPrime3938d ago

ha ha here comes theMART and his pointless comments. admit it you are lying.

Evoluti0n3938d ago

you guys didn't see the slowdown on the PS3 version, I think that's what this video is meant to show.

Eternal E 8083938d ago

^^^and if you look on the ps3 version in the back ground the crowd is blurd out.

djt233938d ago

i not believe it but i have to agree with TheMART
ps3 ver just look washed out or i didnt see a lot of color if you dont understand washed out.

TheSadTruth3938d ago

wow it's sad that people disagree, probably because they are blind fanboys

I own a PS3 but I'm not retarded enough to not admit that the Xbox 360 version looks much smoother, while the ps3 version has washed out colors and gets choppy a few times...

rareairtone3938d ago

I admit I didn't really see the slowdown of the ps3 version all that much but I still noticed it. People need to quit trying to insult the 360 by saying the game is "dark." It's not dark the color is very saturated and also this is an average resolution video. Once again the ps3 version looks a little washed out tht does not make it look more realistic or better this world is filled with vibrant colors. The grass looks like all crab grass not turf; turf is very green. Also the crowds on the ps3 version look blurry. But the 360 version might be a little too colorful but I'd like to see it on a tv.

Anything but Cute3938d ago

the 360 version looks better because it has more color. I won't deny that, but frame rates add color now also? What do frame rates have to do with the color? You're suppose be proving that the PS3 version is a crap unplayable version full of shutter. That's what the media is making it out to be.

(OMG PS3 version is horrible, broken, unplayable) and I don't see that from the videos so I think it's BS. Making a bigger deal about that it is. It's still Madden 08 and has the same gameplay.

gsquad3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

The game looks the same and will feel the same based on your TV setup!!!!
First off the game sucks, well not really, but it will look just like 07 graphically. I have hope for the game because of the new weapon system, but we will have to wait to see how that does in terms of game play. But graphically I don't think we will see an update for some time. I personally like 2k sports games better!

As for the frame rate thing, its pointless because it will be a TV setup issue or a personal preference issue. Most movies are recorded at 24fps and we don't complain about that so way are we doing this comparison again?!?!

O yeah for the fanboy sake!!

Well here is my 2 cents.

I bought a 360 early, and luckily I am still on my first one. But because of that I don't have have an HDMI port on the 360 and my TV doesn't accept 1080p through the component. So that means that I can only play this game at 1080i/60fps which means to my eye I will see the equivalent of 1080p/30fps! Wow thats the same as me playing my ps3 WITH HDMI at 1080p/30fps!!!

See how thats the same damn thing!!!

Fanboys get over yourself; on both sides. Play games and be happy, I have both systems and love them both for what they bring to the table. I only buy great games!!!! That means that I mostly buy exclusives. That also means that I have to have all three systems because the best games will be the exclusives, and thats because programmers are lazy, whining, bastards. They just don't take the time to make a great multi platform game. I should know I am one of them. ;)

P.s. I have to take that last comment back, some programmers are doing the research and learning the Ps3 technology and doing some games justice like COD4, they already said that they have it running at 60fps on the ps3 and on the X360.

Remember people we have had the X360 kits longer not to mention it is more in line with PC development and code structure. This makes it easier to program for, this doesn't mean that it is better.

Give us time and you will see the PS3 push out some great things. The Cell chip is a beast, no one can say otherwise. But it is hard to program for because for the way the spu's handle information. They work much better when you can specify routines to them. When you automate them they run slower and less efficient.

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power of Green 3938d ago

Guess you have to trust the scores of reviewers words.

heroman7113938d ago

dont see much differencs except for the fact that 360 version darker

Lord Anubis3938d ago

I wonder how they capture the videos. GT has never said anything about their equipment.

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