The History of "Kingdom Under Fire" and the Art of "Circle of Doom"

The overall mood of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom is quite serious and dark, but one of the goals of "Circle of Doom" was to sprinkle that seriousness with wit and humor. Therefore, the characters were designed to look serious and subtly humorous instead of just outright giddy and comical.

In "Circle of Doom," all blocks (trees, rocks and the whole environment) can be destroyed, so instead of using light maps, the developers used volume light with main lighting to enhance the overall mood and feeling. So the visual mood in "Circle of Doom" is about surreal, slightly larger-than-life coloring and lighting, as opposed to strict realism. Each of the six Acts featured in the game have distinct atmospheres, and you will see how their levels progress chronologically during play.

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MK_Red4020d ago

Its funny that these months were once considered KOF 360's launch day. I wonder when they'l show more of the game after year old X06 footage. A better series than Dynasty Warriors IMO. (Better graphics, art design and is rated M, thats all I need) :)

power of Green 4020d ago

To see this game published by MSFT. this should be a huge AAA for 2008.

power of Green 4020d ago

Here's some old pics of the game. Very old.

Tommie4020d ago

When is it coming out? Q1 2008 or Q4 2008?

Greysturm4020d ago

But the second one was crap i hope they improve multiplayer too, and add a few more special moves.