Heavenly Sword: 10GB of sound FX audio work on the ambitious PS3 game

With 10GB of sound FX, three and a half hours of music, 4,500 lines of dialogue, and an hour and a half of cut scenes localised for 11 different languages, Heavenly Sword is clearly an immense game in terms audio. This piece looks at the game's sound production, with comments form developer Ninja Theory and Sony.

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Evoluti0n3990d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

is a joke.

EDIT: WOW, how I managed to comment on this article, I don't know. But my comment was not meant for this article..although, I can't remember what article this comment was for, ha ha. Sorry fellas, wow, did I get flamed.

@Panthers - yeah, I don't remember what I was going for, lol.

@Torch - Calm down dude, I made a mistake, get over it.

@FigBoy - Agreed

Panthers3990d ago

What did gamepro say? I must have missed that.

nasim3990d ago

garbage box 360 has a DVD DRIVE that can onl hold 7.5 gb of data.

a DVD is not even enough to hold the sound codes of HS


what a shame MS and ur GBOX 360 with a backdated DVD DRIVE

Torch3990d ago

"Gamepro is a joke."

Thank you allowing us to indulge in your articulate, detailed assessment.

Figboy3990d ago

i'm a huge Playstation fan, nasim, but you are *REALLY annoying.

please stop it with all the anti-MS crap. it's not going to change anybody's minds.

if anything, you should devote your massive fanboyism to something constructive, like informing people of *WHY the PS3 is a great console, while not putting down the other consoles in juvenile ways.

also, this story has *NOTHING, absolutely *NOTHING to do with the 360, and yet you bring it up. why?

as a fellow PS3 fan, i'm imploring you to *SHUT IT. it's not helping.

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MK_Red3990d ago

GamePro, I don't think they are stealing but there are a few things wrong with GamePro these days IMO.

Evoluti0n3989d ago

that's the one I meant to comment on, I'm so confused.

But, agreed.

Shadow Flare3990d ago

wow, in the old ps2 days that would've taken up a whole dvd

Tsukasah3990d ago

and that would take up a whole 360 dvd, and a whole wii dvd.... w00 bluray!

bung tickler3990d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

10gb for 11 languages thats less than 1gb of sound per region, so it would easily fit onto one DVD with ~8GB left over for other crap. this is just a ploy by sony to make it look like the game is too big for dvd... but in reality if the game was released on a per region basis as MOST games are it would fit just fine. im not being a fanyboy im just stating facts, the math is right there for anyone to do 10/11 = 0.9

edit: @below, what do you think takes up more space - 4500 lines of speech or 15 songs and a few kicking sound effects? 90% of the space is the voice acting. so fine i'll give you a whole half a Gb extra that makes it 1.5GB of data per region, still easily fit onto a single dvd using the same compression they currently were. this is nothing more than propaganda. buy into it if you want.

Adamalicious3990d ago

That's some seriously fuzzy logic there. You think that they have different music and sound effects for each region? It says 10 gigs of SOUND not LANGUAGES. Sure they could get that down if they didn't include as many languages, probably enough to fit on a DVD 9 - "fit" being the keyword. It would certainly still be taking up a mess of space.

Hatchetforce3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Well Bloody, you should stop running off at the mouth. Without all the languages, it isn't region free now is it. Do everyone a favor and stay the hell out of PS3 threads.

bung tickler3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

wow, no need to get all angry... i was just pointing something out. region coding really doesnt affect anyone other than people that import games, like jrpg fans here in the us... region free or not to 99% of gamers it doesnt matter. i was simply stating that fanboys shouldnt go running around crying "ha ha i told you so, blu-ray is our savior, this game wasnt possible on anything but the ps3... bla bla bla, yadda yadda yadda" cuz well yeah thats just not the case... no need to get your undies in a bundle. 0.9GB of sound data per region isnt anything to shout about.

Tsukasah3990d ago

On the demo theres like what? 5 different languages? My guess would be they wont change that at all. Either way Heavenly Sword is only possible on the PS3, afterall, the physics use quite a bit of the cell, 1terraflop i believe, and the 360 only does 800gigaflops =)

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d3l33t3990d ago

Doesn't this help justify Sony's claim to blue-ray?

food for thought

MACHone3990d ago

It's all the justification I need, man.

cuco333990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

why? simple... because 4500 lines of dialogue and 1.5 hrs of cut scenes translated into 11 languages is A LOT of audio. that's what a full movie is like nowadays, 1.5-2 hrs with all the remaining disk space to be used up for all the other languages you don't care for. besides i doubt there's any compression techniques

but there's no doubt this game i think is going to be great. a must buy for god of war and ps3 fans

edit: wow there's a lot of fanboy trolling going on with these types of articles... you guys ever think logically? ever think due to the super slow read speeds of BR there might be a chance that reading uncompressed data might actually speed up the process? i'm not programmer but to me that makes sense and hence why nothing is compressed

to below, hence why i said "i'm not programmer but to me that makes sense and hence why nothing is compressed..." regardless, uncompressed data will always be massive compared to uncompressed. not bashing the game since i think it does sound like a great one. just trying to voice my OPINION on why i THINK (not know) there's so much audio. this will easily be solved once someone gets the game in hand and analyzes is. and let's say it shows the buffered spacer data like in RFOM or that in fact a ton of that space is the other 10 languages you dont use... then what'll be the spin on that?

Mu5afir3990d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Talk about using logic, the music / sounds / cut scenes etc.. all take up massive amount of space. You are implying that the VOICE ACTING takes the most space, while the 1.5 hours of cut scene etc.. only takes up 1gb of space?

Use your brain, the different languages at most take up 1gb of space. NOT the other way around.. don't question other peoples logic when your own is flawed.