Homebrew based on Microsoft franchises now allowed?

Microsoft announced at the Gamefest 2007 (Dream-Build-Play winners ) effectively immediately, some game content published by Microsoft Game Studios and owned by Microsoft is now available for noncommercial use by consumers. Under a license similar to the Creative Commons license, consumers may now use gameplay footage, screen shots and other gameplay elements from popular Microsoft Game Studios titles such as the "Halo" franchise, "Forza Motorsport" and "Age of Empires" to express their own imagination and creativity. Details on the game content usage rules have been posted on the Xbox website along with samples of permissible and nonpermissible use.

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_insane_cobra4057d ago

"You can’t infringe anyone’s IP rights in your Item, even if the IP rights being infringed don’t belong to Microsoft. Among other things that means you can’t use any of Microsoft’s trademarked logos or names except in the ways described in the pages linked from
You can’t add to the game universe or expand on the story told in the game with “lost chapters” or back story or anything like that."

I guess that practically means "no homebrew". Still, a very cool gesture.

Darksaviour694057d ago

you could say is parallel story, not is cannon... that might be ok. Its a gray area

_insane_cobra4057d ago

But it would still be infringing their intellectual property rights. You can use footage from existing games, but you can't create new games based on their IPs.

Covenant4057d ago

Did hell freeze over?

We'll see how far this goes.

djt234057d ago

nice everybody have a change now