Guild Wars 2 > WoW?

More Guild Wars 2 gameplay footage is shown during Gamescom.
Can Guild Wars 2 be better than World of WarCraft?

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Chris3992766d ago

It certainly will take a chunk out of the MMO player base in general though, the game looks brilliant.

I'm sure that a bit of that will come from WOW. The original GW was quite successful without interfering with WOW's dominance though, so in the end it doesn't really matter. WOW will hit a decline, inevitably, but that's not necessarily from competing products, more likely just an issue of it getting long in the tooth.

Personally, I'm skipping Cataclysm, but I will be playing this, it looks too polished and interesting to ignore!

P.S. The necromancer was officially announced today. Now THAT is how you do necromancer/ dark mage type class. It doesn't feel like a gimped mage with pet abilities.

Darkfiber2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I think that time came with Wrath of the Lich King. A lot of people left when they released that. If you think they have anywhere CLOSE to 11 million subscribers anymore you're sorely mistaken. That was at the height of its popularity about 2 and a half to 3 years ago and has steadily gone down since then. Sure, they are still making money but no where near what they were. The game is really showing its age and I don't think Cataclysm will revive it. It needs a complete graphics, gameplay and storytelling overhaul to be considered fresh, which will cost way too much time and money to be feasible so that's why they're just going to make a new MMO.

I don't think any MMO is good enough to play for more than a couple years. WoW is no different. It's been stale for a long time, and as soon as more and more action based MMOs with better storytelling, more "fun" and less grind come out, WoW will only further decline. They simply wont be able to compete with the fun factor. The only ones who will continue to stay are the ones who devoted their entire lives to the game.

The thing about Guild Wars 2 is that there is no monthly fee, therefore they can actually make the game FUN and not worry about cramming it with useless time-consuming filler. If you don't play the game for years on end, so what? No skin off their backs. Just have fun and play it for what it is and be able to enjoy it without thinking about long term time and financial commitments to it. They were able to design the game based off that philosophy and not the complete time waste "how can we make people play for as long as possible so they'll keep paying for monthly fees" philosophy that games like Final Fantasy XIV have.

Persistantthug2765d ago

There is a real and serious chance NC SOFT will bring GUILD WARS 2 to the PS3.

With no monthly subscription fee, this is the perfect MMO for consoles.....I'd get it.

Merivigian2765d ago

As much as that sounds cool.. you must not know guild wars.. something like that.. I don't see on a console.

Baka-akaB2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

why ? It's quite dynamic an doesnt make you an octopus with dozen of button press .

You were limited to eight skills all the time on the bar , so sounds very feasible on a pad . And there is still voice chat , that's pretty much how most guild played the game .

Persistantthug2765d ago

Why couldn't Guild Wars be on the PS3.
There's 8 (or is it 9, I forget) spells which could easily be transferred to a controller.

Then the PS3 also has mouse and keyboard support for people that want to optionally use that.

FF11 was on consoles 8 years ago......FF14 will be on consoles in a few months...DC Universe Online will be....The AGENCY will be....Free Realms will be....
We all know EVERQUEST 3 will be...

So what's the perceived problem with GUILD WARS 2 on the PS3?

Is potentially doubling your install base a bad thing in 2011?

Ascalon942766d ago

Guild Wars 1 was better than wow

nnotdead2765d ago

i agree. well, atleast i liked it better. though GW always seemed to be more of an online dungeon crawler than an MMO.

huzzaahh2765d ago

Every other MMO is better than WOW.

DeeBee2764d ago

I liked Guild Wars 1, but have never been under the illusion that it was better than WoW. GW centered on PvP (something not everyone, myself included, like) and had a crazy low level cap or 20 (which I hit with 4 different characters in a very short amount of time).

Yes it looked better and had some cool features and had no monthly fees, but the detached instancing of everything but the towns and, low level cap and PvP orientation killed the game for me. And lets not talk about the "expansions", all of which were stand alone games rather than added content to the original.

I just hope Guild Wars 2 doesn't follow the same path because I like the look of it and look forward to playing it.

Kalowest2766d ago

Only time will tell, im really looking forward to GW2.

Letros2765d ago

GW2 end game is primarily focused on PvP, so its a bit diff than wow.

Chris3992765d ago

but it's wrong. You should head to the site and read up on the developer diaries and such. They're focusing on having some pretty spectacular end-game content. PVP will still be a very viable, side-option, just like it was in GW 1.

Honestly, I maybe PVPed 15% of the time in the original GW (and I'm a PVPer). I found the storyline, presentation and lore really captivating and spent a the majority of my hours doing PVE stuff.

Baka-akaB2765d ago

With an heavy focus on actual storylines like Kotor online , i dont get where you heard that it's pvp centric .

It's not gw1 wich was mostly arena centered with a still prety good pve campaign .

Merivigian2765d ago

Well, in GW2 there is the new World Vs World PvP format.. were it's a continous fight and people can join and pop out when ever they want to. It supposedly effects the entire game world more than a normal 4v4 pvp match would be.

Baka-akaB2765d ago

but it still doesnt make it pvp centric ... hell what mmo doesnt do RvR 24/24 nowadays ?

GW1 was far more pvp oriented . The solo and coop campaign were very nice , but hardly the centerpiece with everything unlockable for pvp characters .

GW2 seems to be more like a 50/50 experience , and the devs insisted on the fact that for once , storylines will be very fleshed out (like kotor) .

Hell at the character's creation you go through a background facts qcm that's reminiscent of mass effect creation tools and other solo rpg character creation screens , about your origin , your personality , your early choices of skills .

Myze2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Speaking of The Old Republic, I think that's the game that will have a chance at beating WoW, if anything does. The game is being made by Bioware, who is every bit as consistent as Blizzard. All of their games are at least "good" with quite a few "amazing" ones. NCSoft can't even come close to saying that (although I do really like GW1).

I will say that TOR is much more likely to challenge WoW than GW2, especially since it's a lot closer to the same target audience. It also comes out about 6 months or so before GW2 (at least, as far as we currently know).

Honestly though, as much as I hate to say it, it's unlikely either one of them with make a massive dent in WoW. The only MMO that's likely to do that is the next Blizzard MMO. They know how to play to the casual crowd and have the "Blizzard" name to back it up (not to mention, with the success, near unlimited amount of resources).

Sigh2765d ago

I remember the days when I played Guild wars back in 04-05. I always loved how Areanet made the story, PVP and co-op so well in that game. For a game that only requires a one time pay and is constantly debated/compared to WOW, you know this game is great. I can't wait for the 2nd. Looks to be even better.

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