Half-Life 2: The Orange Box Video Preview

Valve Marketing Director Doug Lombardi previews the contents of The Orange Box, hints at exciting narrative developments in the Half-Life 2 series and delves into the history and surreal first-person environment of Portal.

The Orange Box will be available November 9 for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Check out the video.

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Mikey_Gee3989d ago



QuackPot3989d ago

What an experience it would be to fly over forests and city scapes in a level.

A worthy challenger for best FPS.

Vip3r3989d ago

This should be good for PS3.

tony3989d ago

another title thats is making me impatience. this is one of the best fps. half life 2. great year for gamers if not the best.

zonetrooper53989d ago

Getting this one for the PC, PC version will beat both the 360 and PS3. :D

Its only 1 month and a few weeks away from release and I've already got HL2 and HL2:EP1 so I need to sell them.

Vip3r3989d ago

I'm not being a fanboy but won't the console versions be better having HDR in the game? The PC version is yet to feature that throughout the game.

mighty_douche3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago ) sure i read that they will release a pc version containing just episode 2, portal and team fortrous so no need to sell your old half life 2!

@5.1.... as far as i know HDR lighting is ONLY available on the pc version and it was used through-out episode one (previewed by loast coast), episode 2 also has some new addittions to the engine, valve have said that they want it to be able to push current top end pc's!

ive played both half-life 2 and epiosde 1 on the pc so ill probably stick to that format (mouse and keyboard FTW). the console versions i doubt will be on par with the pc, still might pick it up for the ps3 if i can find a cheap copy a couple of months later!

HALF-LIFE 2.... greatest FPS to date!

edit @ vip3r

the reason half-life 2 doesnt support HDR is because it was developed after half-life 2's release, the whole reason for valve releasing new stuff in this episodic (if thats a word) style is so they could release new software (eg HDR) to gamers quicker!

edit 2 @ vip3r

sorry may have not understood what you where asking, are you suggesting that valve have implimented HDR on the console versions of halflife 2 (through out the original game)? if thats the case its something id be happy to see! as far as i can find, specific details are still not released, id like to know what res the console versions will support (id put money on 720p) and what the FPS is capped at!

Vip3r3989d ago

I have HL2 and EP1 for PC too. I really like the HDR in EP1 but I thought the main reason for HL2 not having was because Valve were concentrating on the console versions. Might be wrong though.

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