A Motion Controller for Use with PlayStation 2

The unique motion sensitive "Motion Controller" introduces motion sensing technology to PlayStation®2: a 3D motion sensor provides for intuitive steering and movement, matching the functions of the left mini joystick. The sensor can be turned on and off, accommodating the player's individual preferences. The official license grants for optimum software compatibility. The "Wireless Controller" with a turbo feature for all analogue buttons provides for up to 300 h wireless gaming experience within a range of 10 m. Both devices are equipped with switchable vibration effects.


this should be under tech too but it wont let me change it, sorry.

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bung tickler4055d ago

looks like sony really is gonna release a ps2 slim motion bundle to try and battle the wii sometime in the near future.

ALIEN4055d ago

All i want is "RUMBLE" and i'll be happy. I hope SONY brings "RUMBLE" back b4 KZ2 comes out.

taz80804055d ago

Rumble is on the way for sure to the PS3.
This is interesting to see if people start to buy PS2's to try out hte technology and if SONY will continue to invest in their PS2 franchise.

alexander22rednaxela4055d ago

Can`t they just let PS2 become a legend of the industry and focus on their PS3 instead?

This is going to start a negative and confusing trend in the future, when console manufacturers never discontinue their old consoles. Imagine Atari 2600 stealing potensial XBOX 174698461, WIIIIII or PS5 consumers.


Don't you guys read the source?

This a "Playstation(R) licensed product", but not a Sony investment at all... This "ºG" controllers (one for motion and one wireless) is just a new brand from sunflex Europe (German third-party accessories manufacturer).

Sony is not overpushing the PS2 in to the market, making front to the Wii nor nothing... Focus still passing from PS2 to the PS3, not the contrary.

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