Confirmed: Metallica not suing Guitar Hero III or Rock Band

HMXSean the community forum leader for Harmonix on the official Rock Band forums, has said that the article from is absolutely false.

HMXSean said "In no way is this true. It is well written satire but it is very much satire."

Stopping any wild claims of a Metallica lawsuit against Red Octane, Activision or Harmonix.

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Syko4060d ago

I posted this to see what kind of reaction it would get over on the Rock Band forums that I frequent. This article was kicked off the main page extremly fast(Within 2 minutes) and quickly proven not true by the lead Harmonix rep. HMXSean.

This is a very far cry from Activision/Red Octane who will ignore a million screaming and outraged fans just so they can keep milking their userbase. Another example of why it will be Rock Band inflicting MASSIVE DAMAGE on the Guitar Hero brand...

Darkiewonder4060d ago

Anyways, Can't wait for GHIII Though. May get Rockband for the Drum Kit. Something new to play.

I HOPE Developers will be smart and use these peripherals as well. It opens up a whole new playing field.

Syko4060d ago

HMXSean. Just closed my thread LOL. He said...

"I am going to lock this one up before it gets out of hand. If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times irony and the internet go together like toothpaste and orange juice. Ok, maybe I have only said it that time..."

The thread is funny as hell if you want to read it though...

Azurite4060d ago

Would've been stupid to sue before the games are out :)

Mikey_Gee4060d ago

.. I guess we still love you Metallica


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The story is too old to be commented.