Game Console Report Card -- Fall 2007 edition

A new school year is creeping ever closer, and it's time for the editors of GamePro to grade the year in gaming.

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Real Gambler3989d ago

Sure enough, as a teacher, they would not do good!!!!

For the 360: B+ B- A A C D- A- Average B+ (That's probably about right)

For the PS3: C+ C- B- A C+ A+ A Average C So they give one C- with 3 A, one b and two C+, yet average comes out C!!!!!! That must have been a really, really heavy C- to bring the average soooooo low!

You see that, you don't even have to go any further. The teacher get a F!!!!

Loudninja3989d ago

Its been doing well this year

heroman7113989d ago

well its obvious they gonna drop the price again for ps3 thats just common sense. i say around metal gear solid 4

Danega_Sciphor3989d ago


heroman7113989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

i wouldnt say october and i wouldnt give the ps3 the kinda rating u just gave it right now. I would games it a " B " for games about to come but not A cause they dont have games now, online B cause its fun even though it dosent have everything xbl has, innovation c cause there isnt anything innovative bout it like the wii, design and graphics A cause they are awsome graphics even if the developors dont get it right, Price a D cause even though its 500 it is still way to expesive. over all B -

heroman7113989d ago

hey your on my psn buddylist, wassup

DrWan3989d ago

i love seeing xbox fanatics (see i choose my words carefully, i respect xbox gamers) rushing out this "report card" BS before Warhawk's August release date, Warhawk, Lair, and Heavenly sword all due out within 2.5 weeks of each other. They can't really complain about "No games".

And they better rush this report out because the next firmware is around the corner and they can't complain about "no unified friendlist, or in game XMB" anymore.

All of the PS3's problems (games, online, rumbleless, price) can being solved, but some of the other console's problem.. Wii graphic power, Xbox reliability issue are here to stay for the rest of the system's life time (althought i do think they will revamp the xbox soon to make it better but the 11 million exiting ones that are alrady in the pipelines to stay).

I hope i dont sound too much like a fanboy, but i just hate when ppl trash the PS3, because its build so well and so much functionality. It's very nice piece of tech equipment, no different than my high end PC or my HDTV.

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The story is too old to be commented.