New Xbox 360 Premium Models w/ HDMI Use Old CPU

It's certainly no longer a secret that Microsoft is planning to begin incorporating new 65-nm CPUs in Xbox 360s in the coming months. The new design, codenamed 'Falcon,' is expected to benefit from both lower production costs for Microsoft and greater resiliency against heating problems. The Xbox 360 Elite wasn't launched with the new chips, but when it was discovered that new Xbox 360 Premium consoles were appearing at retail with HDMI built in, some hoped the change also heralded the arrival of new CPUs.

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Bill Gates4057d ago

Way to go M$!


Quickly XBOTS act now before they're all gone...AAAHAHAHA

Naruto4057d ago


Xbox 360 Will4057d ago

that they claimed wasn't needed but not fix the part that needs the most fixing?

celticlonewolf4057d ago

Why is this posted again we have had this posted like twice already we know that the new hdmi has the old chip but has the new quiter fan and the heatsinks. Good gaming

Shadow Flare4057d ago

Seriously what was going *lol* through ms head?

"Ok nerds, we have a serious problem with our system's reliability. It's cost us $10 billion and we need to find a way of stopping newer 360's from breaking."

"How about using exactly the same defected cpu in the faulty models as in the new HDMI Premium SKU?"

"OK. Now who wants to play dungeons and dragons?"

"Huh way! uh, 'make it so' captain!"

"*snickers from all*"


razer4057d ago

The CPU's are not defective. It's the connection to the motherboard that's the problem. The 65nm die's give you NO advantage other than they reduce some heat output, how much is argueable. But having the new heatsync in the boxes fixes this heat issue so if people are waiting for the 65nm like it's going to give you some huge advantage is a waste.

Shadow Flare4057d ago

defective was the wrong word i think, but the increase in heat output was what i was getting at. With a new sku, i feel they should have used new hardware in it, namely the newer cpu's that are cheaper to manufacture and give off less heat

Gorgon4057d ago

Razor is right. 65 nm CPUs will release less heat, but it wont be something like 20 Celsius less.or even near. So, unless they make more profound changes to the system, the problem(s) will still be there, 65nm or not. And I don;t think the extra heatsink will suffice...

Only time will tell, but I suspect the Falcons won't be the end of the story...

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The story is too old to be commented.