Fixing the RRoD on your XBOX 360

A lot of people asek the administrator over at how he got from a RRoD to a working 360 and so he put together a little walkthrough of what he did. It's pretty simple really and if you've been using the towel trick, try this instead before you burn up the rest of your components.

***Remember, this may not fix what's wrong with yours. It's just something that worked for me.

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2tired2day2hate4024d ago

"and dont want to risk loosing their console for a month or two but would rather... "

a month or two? it takes a week at the most...

JPomper4024d ago

I don't know where you're sending your xbox to be fixed, but my one buddy's took a little over a month, mine took a month and a half and my other buddy sent his out 2 weeks ago.

tehcellownu4024d ago

It will take at least 1 month to 2 months depending if they dont screw it up..xbots is the one whos the 4th time they send their 360 to the repair shop it be a total of 6 month waiting.. sucks to own a 360 when you cant play games on it..

sticky doja4024d ago

3 of those times took 2 weeks from the date I called them to the day I got my 360 back. One of those times, the last time I had to send it in, it took them over a week to send out the repair box to me. I called them and complained and they gave me a free game from either Kameo, Project Gotham Racing 3 or Perfect Dark. It took no more than 3 1/2 weeks and they admitted to me they screwed up bad. If what you guys are saying is true about it taking so long (which I don't believe from personal experience) then you need to complain and get your free game like I did.

Bill Gates4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Lets see, there's many ways of fixing the RROD....

1-Wrap it in a wet towel.

2-Drool all over it while watching the Killzone 2 trailer (or any Sony exclusive game for that matter)

3-Turn it "On" and "Off" a hundred times (maybe multiple hundreds) and hope for the best.

4-Use many of the "return" schemes that XBOTS have had to come up with.

...Honestly there are so may ways of handling the RROD. his list could go ON and ON, and that's why I hate these type of news articles, because they really don't include all the many different ways of dealing with the RROD......AAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA

@ no-jizz-like-mo-jizz...what's even funnier than what you mentioned is how you're ALWAYS on my NUT SACK.....AAHAAHAHHAHAHA

nobizlikesnowbiz4024d ago

Funny how you only show up to trash the 360.

But when theres negative PS3 news your nowhere to be found.

Get a life you nobody.

ChanDangle4024d ago

luckly I haven't dealt with the rings (yet). If I had as many as some owners had I'd probably use them as Xmas ornaments. =P

power of Green 4024d ago

Will continue to post this stuff a year from now. Lame.

Its getting old fanboy.

TriggerHappy4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

me ? man i really dont care about none of the consoles, I own none but often get to play tem all from friends, when am searching for news to post, I dont do favorites.

You my fried, is the fanboy because you hate seeing articles that are against "your" console.

JPomper4024d ago


navysealrb4023d ago

lol, power of green is almost as bad as the mart!

you guys think they are related?

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The story is too old to be commented.