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Submitted by fastrez 1998d ago | opinion piece

The 10 Shortest Games Ever

Hot on the heels of its longest games ever list and speed run feature, NowGamer looks at the shortest games ever, depending on genre and a host of other factors. Note, this is shortest game in each genre, not the shortest overall. (Culture, Fable, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, Mirror's Edge, Rogue Warrior)

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MisterNiwa  +   1998d ago
Well this List is not about glitches.

But I don't really get these top 10's at all, because they don't really place it after the time you spent with the game rather more like a personal preference of whats good and bad in a random order.

Megaman Games are pretty short. You can complete some in under 1 hour.
A Cupcake for Gabe  +   1998d ago
It's true, it's not about glitches but I like this one as well.

Mario N64 :
darkcharizard  +   1997d ago
for the NES = epitome of shortness!
Psfan999  +   1998d ago
fastrez  +   1998d ago
Yes and no, it's great for the duration, but if they made it too long it wouldn't be as exciting. It would run out of steam too quickly.
Ocelot525  +   1998d ago
if you count out the extra missions, whuch you shouldn't cuz they were fun
jerethdagryphon  +   1998d ago
add jurrassic the hunted to that list 4.5 hours if your decent

and mirrors edge could be completed by a gaming god in less then 1 hour story wise
k-Lan  +   1997d ago
MW2? Really? Did you play it once on easy or something? Try testing yourself on veteran and get back to me with your amount of play time.
Bloodraid  +   1997d ago
Stupid Article
Not only does the time it takes to complete a game vary from person to person - [I can be Resident Evil 2 in about 2 hours, for example] - But it's somewhat bias as well. For example, they say Fable is a short game, yet they put the estimated playtime at 7 hours, and say this is only if you do the main-storyline quests, and nothing else.

Then there's the fact that they don't know about every game that's been made (which is obvious). For example; The game "D" requires you to complete the game in less than 2 hours else you will get a game over and need to start back from the beginning.
pixelsword  +   1997d ago
I think this is about games that are short and kinda suck; so Half-life and Heavenly sword wouldn't be on there.

They also both start with the letter "h".
JohnApocalypse  +   1998d ago
I've heard Rouge Warrior is half that length
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xtremexx  +   1998d ago
couldnt be bother to play it
played about 5 mins the dropped it and played Skate 3
poindat  +   1998d ago
The only reason I played it through to the end
Was because it was hilarious constantly hearing that fool swear profusely and talk about how he was going to wrap his testicles around the enemies' necks.

fastrez  +   1998d ago
I heard two hours. Still not played it, looks awful. As for Army of Two, that length sounds about right.
morganfell  +   1997d ago
Rogue Warrior a good deal longer than two hours. And it is hilarious. The sad thing is I played a different version of the game before it was taken away from Zombie. It used the Unreal 3 engine then, was a 4 man squad and had the best underwater swimming ever seen in a game.

The joke about many of these games supposedly being short is these naysayers play them on easy.

I am in the last level of Kane and Lynch Dog Days and I have gone through on Extreme the entire time. It damn sure isn't a 6 hour game in that mode.

We also have less than perceptive people discussing their speed run times. They fail to comprehend the vast differences between going through a game rather than actually PLAYING a game.
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NYC_Gamer  +   1998d ago
mirrors edge really that short?
xtremexx  +   1998d ago
i didnt exspect it to be short
fastrez  +   1998d ago
The point of the game is speed runs. Yeah it's really short, but a great concept.
PopEmUp  +   1998d ago
me 4hr to complete and thank god eb have a 7 day return policy Haha
Ocelot525  +   1998d ago
an average gamer will complete it in +-8hours, 4 hours is for people who have memorized the game

and don't forget there are whole lot of bonus challenges
Jallen  +   1998d ago
Yeah I was about to say I thought it took around 8 hours. Good game though and I managed to cripple my hands by attempting the trials.
Koblec  +   1998d ago
Hopefully there is a sequel in the works. DICE makes awesome games and ME was a good concept.
jerethdagryphon  +   1998d ago
its short 9 chapeters but intense any longer and it risked outstaying its welcome that said the story the campaign is really a tutorial

the real game is the time trials and speed runs

once you know the levels and what moves work its finding shortest paths within that enviroment very good game
OSU_Gamer  +   1998d ago
I played Fable a long time ago, but I don't remember it being that short.

Am I wrong?
xtremexx  +   1998d ago
Fable should be LOOOOOOOOONG shouldnt it?
A Cupcake for Gabe  +   1998d ago
The first fable was about a 5-8 hour run through on your first go, and about a 12-14 hour game to go both ways of good and evil. There was a lot to do, but it flew by fast. I don't know why.
PopEmUp  +   1997d ago
You can
complete in like 2 days
fastrez  +   1998d ago
Depends which version you played I think, wasn't lost chapters much, much bigger? The original key quests were short, but then again it's been years since I played it...
asyouburn  +   1998d ago
it was REALLY short
turned me off of the whole series
xchris92x  +   1998d ago
No I finished it in about 15 hours.
Feckles  +   1998d ago
Fable was short for an RPG, especially compared to the likes of Kotor and Jade Empire – the two RPGs it was compared to on Xbox.
asyouburn  +   1998d ago
i even thought
Jade Empire was kinda short. great game, dont get me wrong, but i beat it in 20 or so hrs, and was like, WTF
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tplarkin7  +   1998d ago
It was not 7 hours
You could beat it in a devoted weekend. About 15 hours. However, Fable has a rich world where your character changes appearance with every action.
koh  +   1998d ago
I don't thing the list was about how rich the world was... just the length. A lot of the games were pretty good, just a bit short.
Montoya  +   1998d ago
You sound like big Pete himself..

"Fable has a rich world where your character changes appearance with every action."
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frankymv  +   1998d ago
kneon  +   1998d ago
Was that as short as MW2? it only took me about 5 hours on veteran.
coolbeans  +   1998d ago
It might depend on strategy though. Since CoD4 had respawning enemies, it may have taken longer to get from point A to B on veteran while some may be good at popping-n-shooting on MW2 without worrying about more enemies coming from nowhere. Took me about 30 more mins. to beat MW2 than MW1.
Kazu0 Hirai  +   1998d ago
5 hrs on veteran
pretty easy to bullshit when posting on the internet
El_Colombiano  +   1998d ago
Actually, MW2 was the very easy on Veteran. I beat it incredibly fast compared to the hell storm that was World at War.
kneon  +   1998d ago
I don't really care if you believe me, but the fact is that MW2 was hardly any more difficult on veteran than it was on normal. Totally unlike WAW which I'm still trying to finish on veteran.

And I have no need to bullshit, that would imply I care what anyone thinks, I'm too old to care what anyone thinks of me.
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KingOfOldSkool  +   1997d ago
Actually, a little bit under 5 hours on veteran does sound about right.. just played through it the other day with that time.
versusALL  +   1998d ago
Final Fantasy XIII was short for an rpg
fastrez  +   1998d ago
By the criteria of this article yeah, the key quests make it short for an RPG, but throw in the crystal hunts/titan trials and it's massive.
Chug  +   1998d ago
Was only short because nobody could stomach it after 5 hrs of play.

evolution54  +   1997d ago
HAHAHA good one!!
Ocelot525  +   1998d ago
85 hours if you want to complete EVERYTHING(much grinding would be needed tough)
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KingOfOldSkool  +   1997d ago
It was criminally short by Final Fantasy standards.
GuruStarr78  +   1998d ago
Started and Finished Kane and Lynch 2 yesterday while at work at the firehouse.....I like short games, especially when you use Gamefly.....
Thecraft1989  +   1998d ago
splinter cell convictions was only 6 hours on hardest difficulty for me
chazjamie  +   1998d ago
do it without hand combat
coolbeans  +   1998d ago
That's possible
Since Conviction's difficulty varied depending on the trial and error ways you took, it took me a bit longer to finish. Finish 1-2 levels completely stealth, shame you didn't have a chance to do it more often.
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oliverasadi  +   1998d ago
DBZ Budokai 2
chazjamie  +   1998d ago
devil may cry 4 one day of play on normal (6 hours). devil may cry 3, 4 months on normal.

capcoms reason: appealing to the masses. I wish everyone would stop lining up for nintendo's wii, dmc was never for the casual markets, mgs never, tekken since when. You only deserve that wii money if you hit rock bottom and start all over again. AND NOT GO BACKWARDS.
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MMFGaming  +   1998d ago
Arguably side scrolling beat em ups and fighting games are shorter --usually clocking in around thirty minutes to an hour.
SeraphimBlade  +   1998d ago
Heavenly sword was criminally short. It doesn't steal that much God of War, but it could have at least stolen its longer run-time. Or maybe have rewards on latter playthroughs.

It may not be fair to include fighting games but a story mode in SoulCalibur IV doesn't even last ten minutes. compare that to the half hour it usually took in the third game, not to mention that there was an actual story to see (or at least read) in those.
Resistance  +   1998d ago
What about Portal? That game can be beaten so quickly by almost anyone... awesome game tho lol
LiLTich92  +   1998d ago
i agree, if you know what your doing then portal is very short
koh  +   1998d ago
True, but it never really felt like a full-fledged game to me anyways. Can't beat the price there. Now if Portal 2 isn't at least twice as long that would be a disappointment.
DelbertGrady  +   1998d ago
Heavenly Sword. Now disagree with me ;)
Acquiescence  +   1998d ago
I agree...
but it's still longer than Halo: ODST.
coolbeans  +   1998d ago
That may depend...
on how much of your time you use going through New Mombasa, actually.
dragon82  +   1998d ago
Actually Heavenly Sword is no shorter than God of War 2. They even give you a trophy for beating GOW2 in under 5 hours. I clocked my run in at 3 hours and 5 minutes. I even opened most of the chests too. If Heavenly Sword would have had more incentives to play again with unlockables like GOW nobody would've complained about its length. As it stands now it is still one of my favorite games this generation across all consoles.
RyuCloudStrife  +   1998d ago
i could have sworn Heavenly Sword was gonna be here... as a coincidence i just finished beating Heavenly Sword and i found it to be very short but i did like it, i would like a part 2 with Kai with some new skills at wielding the sword and better bow for me it was a pain in the ass....
Chubear  +   1997d ago
about the same length as Alan Wake & ODST. It was longer than ODST though. I beat HS normal mode in about 8hrs and hell mode in about 7. I finished ODST in 5 1/2hrs
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LOLconsoles  +   1998d ago
God of War 3 : I've seen people beat it in 5 hours.

LOL at the most overhyped game this gen, LOL at SSM claiming it would have visuals on par with beowulf. The graphics were subpar at best.
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wenaldy  +   1998d ago
GTFO troll..!!!
keltickennedy  +   1998d ago
I wouldn't call him a troll. Just a person that maybe needs an updated prescription on his glasses, since he seems not to see things right.
Ocelot525  +   1998d ago
worst troll evar, son I am disappoint
Kazu0 Hirai  +   1998d ago
im glad someone had the balls to say it. i own a PS3 and borrowed my buddy's copy of god of war 3. Boring ass hack n slash. decent graphics for a console but if i really want to enjoy good graphics i game on my kick ass PC.
moneygun2  +   1998d ago
I see
..and what "awesome hack and slash game" on the pc would make me leave one of the most polished 3rd person action adventure games this generation for, just wondering.
Kazu0 Hirai  +   1998d ago
PC doesn't need "awesome hack and slash games" because we are real gamers, not retarded kids mashing buttons on a console. Try playing a stategy game like company of heroes, or a creative shooter like crysis where you can choose how you want to play the game. You will never find a console game even remotely close to those 2.
Rainstorm81  +   1998d ago
oh ok
lack of variety thats all you had to need to pretend all PC gamers only like RTS-es and shooters.....Im surprised you didnt throw in a MMO then WALAH! The three main genres on PC......

"because we are real gamers, not retarded kids mashing buttons on a console"

GOW & consoles are for kids?? Just say u hate consoles and move on
RyuCloudStrife  +   1998d ago
LOL @ U cuz u suck at trollin stupid PC gamer haha
Acquiescence  +   1998d ago
Mirror's Edge does not...
on average, take 4 hours to complete. It's longer than that.
Feckles  +   1998d ago
Completed it in a little over six hours, reckon you could get that right down with a bit of practice.

But I suppose the point of Mirror's Edge is to flow quickly through the game.

Whatever, we need a sequel.
BeAGamer  +   1998d ago
thats what she said
jerethdagryphon  +   1998d ago
if your playing it forst time with no idea what your doing thne 6 hours if youve played it before 4 hours if you know exactly what your doing and have speed run trophys to prove it, 1 hour for the story
Basil-Rathboner  +   1998d ago
One of my favourite games of the last gen Resident Evil 4 i completed in well under 2hrs on a speed run on normal, just using the Thompson machine gun after plenty of practice.
Basil-Rathboner  +   1998d ago
A disagree from a jealous pr!ck . That time i did happens to be among the fastest times ever for RE4.
My first playthrough took took about 20 or so hours, so i am not implying the game is in any way short.
Just that with enough practice and playtime i was able to blast a quick time.
triodepunch  +   1998d ago
fast runs!
this guy is way off, firs of all bouncer is a beat em up in the tradition of final fight, most of those games duration where less than an hour, and kane & lynch 2 it takes like 6 or 7 hours on the first run, even metal gear snake eater can be completed in 3 hours.... stupid list
was-N4Xbox360G   1998d ago | Spam
ARamirez0052  +   1998d ago
If we are talking shortest games EVER, I'd say Mario, the first one. You could beat that game in under 10 minutes if you wanted to.
Rubberlegs  +   1998d ago
No Heavenly Sword? Mirrors Edge is much longer then that. You can do speeds runs but your first time playing its going to take you a lot longer.
andybing   1998d ago | Spam
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barakiu  +   1998d ago
You Have To Burn The Rope
Jallen  +   1998d ago
True if you know what you're doing, but many people spend hours attempting to kill the boss with their axes not realising they need to burn the rope.
Sasuke159  +   1998d ago
SO what about Modern warfare 2 is one of the shortest game ever.
swishersweets20031  +   1998d ago
may not really have anything to do with the games listed
i know alot of people hate FF13 but i felt good about paying 60 dollars for a game i knew would last me over 50 hours.

I've been very dissapointed in the games that have been AAA games and yet i can complete them in a few hours. This trend needs to end. Same with well buy the game for 60$, complete the game in 3, but hey everyone, if you just pay 9.99 you can have extra stuff that should of been in the game in the first place. I can see DLC comming out a long time after release to justify buying it for the price but when stuff is out the same day the release of the game... it puzzles me people buy into this crap.
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Tommykrem  +   1998d ago
I can't remember Mirror's Edge being that short, but ODST is.
TheLastGuardian  +   1998d ago
why is pokemon snap not number 1
Jallen  +   1998d ago
That's a good point. Their #1 shortest game ever would come joint fourth according to their times. They needed a better title but hey nobody stops to read articles titled; "Here are some short games we once played".
monkeybizz  +   1998d ago
keltickennedy  +   1998d ago
failed to mention...
Also failed to mention games that have also been given such high praise, such as, COD4, MW2, Gears of War. Seems like this "list" should be way more then ten. Currently, with recent games, I am very surprised if a game goes past the 6 hour mark.
monkeybizz  +   1997d ago
Totally agree with you mate and then there are downloadable only titles. But they are more palatable.
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