UT3 Collector's Edition Revealed

As with every single other anticipated game, Unreal Tournament 3 will have a Collector's Edition too, for the die hard fans looking for at bit more. The UT3 Collector's Edition will come in a special tin box (much like Gears of War), and include an art book, a bonus DVD with the usual behind the scenes/making of-content. Other than that, there's not much else in the box, besides one gorgeous multiplayer shooter.

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TriggerHappy4019d ago

Whats with companies and special editions now ? everyone want have some sort of special edition with useless stuff that most gamers wont even care for...getting the regular.

Real Gambler4019d ago

Make a box with the PS3 game, and the map editor only (pc version). Those things would fly of the shelf...

Vip3r4019d ago

Depending on the price of this I might get the Collectors edition otherwise the regular one will do fine.

AngryHippo4019d ago

i will be purchasing this.....this games looks like great fun.

LSDARBY4019d ago

regular for me, cant be arsed with CE for this game

jinn4019d ago

never buy collector editions, they just want your money.

GameOn4019d ago

some times the special edition only costs £1 more. so its not allways such a bad ripoff for a nice metal tin.

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The story is too old to be commented.