Metallica Sues Red Octane/Activision & Harmonix

Attorneys for the Grammy award winning heavy metal band Metallica filed a lawsuit yesterday against Harmonix and Activision (who recently acquired Red Octane) for copyright infringement. The suit accuses the three gaming companies of illegally distributing copies of Metallica songs in the upcoming and highly anticipated games Guitar Hero III and Rock Band, both due out in late 2007.

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MACHone4055d ago

The Metallica lawsuits return! Huzzah!

Syko4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )



Balance4055d ago

i guess if you can't make any good new music sue the pants off people who like your old stuff.... very lame metallica.

Marona4055d ago

Metallica has the right to give yes or no to their own music to be used on GH3, they give the answer. Not Octane/Activision & Harmonix.

2tired2day2hate4055d ago

when's the last time metallica made a good, repectable decision?

The Real Joker4055d ago

It was called the Black Album

DrPirate4055d ago

Yep, Black Album, arguably one of the best Metal albums ever released.

Before they went downhill :(

Loopy4055d ago

No. It was And Justice for all.

Besides, Slayer and Megadeth are better than Metallica....

VirusE4055d ago

Metallica is like kiss; they are a business band now. I wonder what Cliff Burton would think if he saw what metallica has become. I once loved metallica like my own child and now i hate them, so sad.

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DrPirate4055d ago

F*ck you Metallica you sell-out f*cks.Didn't they record songs for the purpose of this game? I recall they gave permission to GH3 to use the song "One".

Now they do this> You backstabbing pieces of sh*t.

Iron Maiden for life.

Merovee4055d ago

Just wow. I would care but Metallica sux.

Never underestimate the stupidity of people in an over-rated, second rate metal band I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.