New Guitar Hero III Track Revealed

'She Bangs the Drums' by The Stone Roses was recently unveiled at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival as the next track to join Guitar Hero III's growing set list.

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jinn4053d ago

just show us all the darn tracks. nobody cares about the game nor the tracks.

MACHone4053d ago

Damn, man, what rock have you been under?

ironwolf4053d ago

to get one of these games, but damn, when I look at the track lists, I've never heard of half the songs and about a quarter of the bands. I guess it comes from carrying almost 50 years of rock around in your head; you just can't hear it all.

MACHone4053d ago

Even if you've never heard of the songs and the bands, it's still a hella fun game to play! I admit, it's always a rush to find out you'll be able to play one of your favorite songs, but Guitar Hero is also a great way to hear some stuff you've never heard before! Heck, you might find a new favorite song! Definitely give it a try.