'Gamercard' spotted in UT3 demo – is this PS3's answer to the 360's Gamertag?

During a playable demo of Unreal Tournament III at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival, spotted something very interesting on the game's menu system. It's called Gamercard and it doesn't seem too unlikely a possibility that this will turn out to be a unique player identity system, not entirely dissimilar to the Xbox 360's Gamertag system that manages player stats and achievements. quizzed Epic's Mark Rein about and he did little to dispel our assumptions saying quickly "Oops, you shouldn't have seen that".

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bym051d3868d ago

I'm all for copying good ideas, but they could at least name it something more original.

Xbox 360 Will3868d ago

come up with a better name if that is the true name but none of this is confirmed so it may change by the time its announced. Can anyone think of a good thing to call it? Maybe

Player Points
Trophy Attributes

big_tim3868d ago

Place holder until Sony comes up with a name or it could be in the code for the 360 version when it comes out.

toughNAME3868d ago

Sony innovation at its best

See sony fanboys...everyone copies everyone!

Xbox 360 Will3868d ago

Xbox 360 hardware reliability!

Amplifier3868d ago

Doesn't hurt that Sony is slowly but finally making strides in offering us what Microsoft charges you for?

It must, since you attack such a great thing for gamers to have in a FULLY featured console.

VirusE3868d ago

True. I wish sony would copy the whole coming out with new games thing. Its one of the cooler things about the xbox.

I hope this happens, its one of my more favorite things about the 360.

DrPirate3868d ago

Starting August 28th, every week after that we get minimum 1 major game release. Hold on for 2 more weeks bro.

Rockstar3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Give it a rest.

EDIT: @ Slappy

Who are you calling an xbot lol...I own a PS3 and a Wii, no 360...yet.
My comment was directed @ toughNAME

SlappyMcTaint3868d ago

what he said is true! You xbots are always the first to mention your AAAAAA games when nobody has actually played any of them. How do you know they're AAAAAAAAAAAAA? Are you Nostradamus? They could look like AAAAAAAAA games , but end up playing like turd blossoms.

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Xbox 360 Will3868d ago

for Sony to release some more big guns!

DrPirate3868d ago

GC = Games Convention occuring in Leipzig.

It's the European equivalent to E3. It occurs August 23 to 26.

Xbox 360 Will3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

It stats next week on Thursday the 23rd and runs for a few days. Sony has said they saved some big announcements for it.

Edit: Looks like DrPirate beat me to it but he's right.

AznSniper3868d ago

“Oops, you shouldn’t have seen that”

lol @Mark Rein

Marceles3868d ago

I wouldn't be that surprised if he did it on purpose

Charlie26883868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Interesting...but I wouldn't be surprised if its UT3 specific...but never know O.O!

I wonder what is the secret since Mark didn't wanted people to see it :/